My First Recording - Churaliya Hai Tumne Jo

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  1. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member

    Hi Guys!
    I am herewith posting a link that takes u to my first recording. This is my first so called better recording (dont imagine how 'bad' will be) after holding guitar for almost 2 yrs, so wanted to share with u guys however bad the singing is :)

    Please follow the below link;

    Any comments/critics are most welcome

    - Vikas DK
  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    nice cover need to develop a slightly better hand...i mean that your notes are not being picked fluently enough.........

    other than that a very good cover.......

    keep going!

  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    and if you've held the guitar for two years that means you seriously need to practice a bit more.....
  4. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    Wel, i know u must have tried very hard on that. The voice of the strings is a bit harsh. if u know wat i mean. try pressing some part of ur hand like thumb or a part of palm etc.. when u strum so that the sound can become more regular.u can also try to take away ur left hand fingers for split seconds in between the strumming.
    anyways dont worry it wil come by time. i too am a novice and started my guitar last year in dec. practice does lead to improvement. Eat drink and sleep guitar.
  5. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member

    thankx for ur replies

    yes man, now adays i am practising almost everyday otherwise from last two years, i used to practice just 2-3 times a week and sometimes for months together my guitar used to breath dust, and thats the reason even after 2 yrs i am not so fluent at playing (forget abt my singing :)

    thanks parry for ur valuable suggestions, will implement them straight away while practicing.

    - Vikas DK
  6. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    A good try man, the Intro is played well, just what Sukrut said about the notes, they just have to be played fluently and it would be sounding alot better. The solo is just the same and some of the notes played aren't the right one either, so try to figure out the right notes.
    The vocals have to be improved alot, the Sur is not good, especially when you started the Antara, you were totally out of Sur and also lack of any kind of feelings and emotions in your voice. I am not trying to dishearten you or something like that, oh no man, just try to let you know what the lacks are so that you could improve them, i hope you understand what i try to say!
    But for a first recording yours, this is done very well, just try to improve above mentioned things and it will be sounding alot better!!!
    Keep posting and take care man!!!
  7. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member

    thnx keoraf :)

    thanks a lot lot dude.
    no question of getting disheartened or any such thing, infact i am expecting replies like these which will help me going on my further excavation of music.
    please do keep replying to my posts in future as i have made up my mind to torture u guys with my recordings :)

    - vikas dk

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