My first recording - Chalte Chalte

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  1. acousticpassion

    acousticpassion New Member

    A hello to all the people in IGT!!!!!

    Friends, I've been accessing this website since long, downloading chords and recordings by various people and am really grateful to you for sharing so much information.
    I am a beginner on the acoustic, however, today I made up my mind to record a song and upload it on IGT.

    So here's the song "Chalte Chalte". Appreciation and criticism are welcome.
    I am looking forward for tips on improvement from you people.

    Kindly bear with my voice. I cannot sing. However, it is my playing I am looking for your comments on.
  2. cheetah21

    cheetah21 New Member

    i liked it..
    as this is your first recording i must say it is
    worthy of appreciation..
    may be changing of chords should be a little
    more smooth...
    and i must say you have a nice voice too
  3. urs_nir

    urs_nir New Member

    hey man....couple of things...

    chords are amazin...strumming rocks!

    but i guess ur singing needs treatment!

    I mean u hve a nice voice dude...try harder and u CAN sing believe me.!!

    but u were not at all wid the chords scale in the antraa..! and also in the line

    rote..hanste...once ..!!

    i will recommend try singin along with the song..tht should helps.

    Not tht i m good at it..but works 4 me.!!

    Again..chords and strumming rocks! reps!!
  4. acousticpassion

    acousticpassion New Member

    Thanks Guys!

    Cheetah21, Thank you for the encouragement.
    I never really expected the first comment on my recording to be so encouraging.

    I knew that Rote ..hanste would definitely be commented on!
    It was funny for myself too, but that's the best I could make as of now.
    Henceforth, shall always sing along to improve.
    Thanks for your honest opinion and encouragement

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