My First Post-Vaaranam Aaayiram-nenjukul intro

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by craven, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. craven

    craven New Member

    Hi people,

    This is the nenjukul peidhidum intro--Hope u like it...


    Note:the last part 3-5-3(slide from 3 to 5 pause...then back to 3)

    Hope u like my first post

    Please post some comments....Thanks
  2. raju_amet

    raju_amet New Member

    it was good...
  3. Rubendesigner

    Rubendesigner New Member

    Hi.. Craven.. am a beignner.. actually i was in much hunger to play this... u made it so easy.. thanks dude..
  4. craven

    craven New Member

    No Prob dude....I am also a Beginner...i am a BIG Vaaranam Aayiram fan...Going to post my second post...Nobody has done it yet...Look out for my post soon...My name is the way..Nick name is craven ;)
  5. samz

    samz New Member

    Hello Guys., this s my first post.,


    This works for me., it sounds pretty good.,

    Hope it will work.,

  6. futurestar

    futurestar New Member

    both r gud.................. thank u :)
  7. Subu_Strums

    Subu_Strums New Member

    hello hy...M 2 d guitar world..could yo help me wit d chords of ths song on how 2 play t..? F G Am?
  8. craven

    craven New Member

    Sorry boss..I am also a beginner....i am just starting to master tabs of tamil song...soon me or some1 will post the strumming pattern of the come back to this forum..or make request
  9. renjun

    renjun New Member

    Thanks dude, it works well, atleast now I am expert in playing this lead.
  10. craven

    craven New Member

    Tabs of songs from Engeyum Kadhal Coming soon.
  11. styleqatar

    styleqatar New Member

    hi guys i am begineer .. how do u play this ......
    " e

    Couldn't understand..... !!!!
  12. rsandkumar

    rsandkumar New Member

    thanks for the post....was searchiung for this for a long time..:)

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