My First Guitar - Query Yamaha or Walden Hawthorne?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Latheesh, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Latheesh

    Latheesh New Member

    This is my first post!

    I am a beginner and this is my first guitar. First few months going to be self learning due to tight office/study schedule. Later I'll attend some classes.

    I shortlisted 2 guitars

    1) Yamaha F310 - costs 6.9K

    2) Walden Hawthorne HD221 - Cost 6.8 K (free bag and few picks).

    Please help me to decide.
  2. rwaghmare

    rwaghmare New Member

    Hello i m rahoul from pune a small time classical guitar builder.
    pls tell me the specifications of the guitar .
    i can make a custom made guitar u want.
    is the guitar ur planning to buy made of solid wood???
    i make guitar of solid rosewood back and side and imported spruce
    instead of buying cheap imported guitars why dont u go for desi guitar
    if ur interested pls mail me
  3. Latheesh

    Latheesh New Member

    To add one store suggested me Clayton guitar (price around 6K). Please help me decide
  4. Latheesh

    Latheesh New Member

    Other that a spammer no one seems to be interested. Great!!!

    -the end-
  5. vivekbarun

    vivekbarun New Member

    Clayton is good. Yamaha is not great in that range. Just the brand name. The action I found is not too comfortable..
    Go to a guitar shop and in that price range check out these:
    Pluto, G b and a, Clayton , Yamaha .
    Buy the one most comfortable to you since you are a starter.
    Which city you are in ?
  6. Latheesh

    Latheesh New Member

    Thanks Vivek, I am based in Bangalore.

    I went to few guitar stores and checked few (I have zero knowledge about guitars). I liked Yamaha F310 and Walden Hawthorne HD221 yet to check Clayton. Since my knowledge is limited not able to decide which one to go for. Is there any specific model you suggest in Clayton? FYI my hands are small, that may be the reason I am inclined towards YAMAHA. Anyway I will check Clayton and decide.
  7. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    I suggest you go through The Guide first. That will tell you what to look for in a guitar, and which ones are usually good around this range, and which ones are best avoided.

    IDk about Walden, never heard of it (but then again I'm not entirely an acoustic guy).
  8. Latheesh

    Latheesh New Member

    Finalized Yamaha F310. Planning to get it this weekend.

    One more silly question - F310 costs 6900. Is there any place in Bangalore where I'll get some discount/freebies. Any reccomended stores by IGT?

    Thanks and may need many help from you guys during the learning process.
  9. Latheesh

    Latheesh New Member

    F310 bought from Yamaha Music Square :). Paid 6.5K
  10. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    Congrats, I got f210....It's 3years now,it still shines...\m/

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