My first guitar build - an all padauk one

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by apsugunan, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Two weeks back I finished building this guitar. I used only padauk, for body, neck and fretboard.
    Hardware used were Floyd Rose Licensed tremolo and Gotoh Style tuners with Sperzel Style Lock, both from Guitarfetish. Neck plate and cavity covers were custom made on brass. Pickups were Bill Lawrence (Wilde Pickups) twin rails (XL at bridge and R at neck). These were wired with a Q-filter. Body and neck were finished with shellac.

    Please have a look at the picture.

    This was my first guitar build and I made many mistakes that needed to be patched. Fret leveling and intonating were quite difficult. Now, it is without any fret buzz and the intonation is reasonable.

    It seems that the wood and the PUs match well. Tone (to my untrained ears) is Ok with clear highs and not so strong base (Q-filter might also be responsible).


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  2. guitarplayer729

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    That is a Beauty!
  3. henrynh

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    Wing fruit ;)

    That looks great in it's natural finish. BL(Wilde) are amazing to have, easy on the wallet & smooth on the ears. Enjoy!
  4. sohamgig

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    that luks juz i gt sumthng lyk hr in calcutta..hw much it wl cost lyk

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