My First Electric Guitar

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by metalhead, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. metalhead

    metalhead New Member

    No, I haven't brought one yet.. i wouldn't, without suggestions from the experts.:) I have a budget of 20K. I have been playing acoustic for like 4 months now and am planning to buy electric. i think its good to practice on both rather than learning acoustic for years and then starting with electric from basics. Moreover I am stricly into metal. so i am kinda eager to lay my hands on electric baby. :D:

    Before posting here, i checked few at On Stage Lajpat nagar here in New Delhi.
    he showed me Fender strat which was like for 18K but i didnt like it at all. it just didnt sound the way i want. then i tried few Ibanez Gio and few other models of Ibanez. Out of which i did like one but was priced at 26K. so here i am confused and heat struck..damn it was hottest day. so please help me with this.

    i think most of the pro here must know what i want. incase 20K is bit too low i can stretch it up a notch. but i want a decent guitar.

    Stay Metal. :rock:
  2. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    Ive got a brand new Ibanez RG350DX (paid 27gs ) for sale. Im selling for 22k non negotiable. PM if interested...if your not interested i suggest you post this same thread in the Guitar & Gear Section . Thats the main hangout :)

    Welcome to IGT btw!
  3. metalhead

    metalhead New Member

    ah i see..Mods Please move this thread that would be much better than posting again. sorry for the mess up.
  4. jetru

    jetru New Member

    I got a kick ass Les paul for less than 10 grand. :p but not in India :(
    Try to get it from abroad if u can, relatives etc. They're a lot cheaper there.
  5. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Ya same here. I too tried with Fenders, but not were that satisfactory with the Price Tags. May be they have a high price tag just due to their US make (mexican). Then, I purchased a Ibanez GRG270 (as my budget wasnt affording me to buy Higher Prestige series models in Fender), for 14k good guitar. The piece I got is really sweet & smooth...

    I love it...
  6. PbR

    PbR New Member


    Audiomedia Inc in Chennai has jst recently got the distribution for Godin guitars in India.

    Call them, and find out..they have the Exit 22 for 20k..

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