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    Hi all,
    This is my first post. A small intro about me. I am a software professional working in abroad. I have some years of experience in playing keyboard. I have a good hearing knowledge and can play most film songs without any teacher. I learnt keyboard from an orchestra so they also taught me about chords, recording songs, etc.

    I have YAMAHA PSR 3000 arranger workstation keyboard with me.

    For beginners or anyone learning keyboard, CHORDS are MUST. They are the heart of feelings.

    My advise to all the beginners of keyboard is to learn the
    1. scales
    2. Chords
    3. Then start playing songs along with chords

    For learning scales and chords a fantastic site is

    Here you can find the basics of chords in a professional way.

    Suggestions are always welcome by me.

    See you all in next post....bye....
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    nazr angel is my genital..

    Welcome to indian GUITAR tabs.
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    yeah.. welcome to IGT.. lol.. i joined just today :p

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