My DESKTOP vanished.

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by Luthier, Jan 29, 2006.

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    Hello guys never thought that i'd post in this part of IGT. But it's urgent.
    My PC was setup for XP and all of the setup was in NTFS. So when sudenly my Win/System file corrupted i was not able to retrieve anything from my Desktop since the system file would not get repaired. I had a lot of my info. there. Now that i have installed the XP in Fat32 format i am not able to get back anything from the past Desktop. Rest all the drives and files are fine. Is there any freeware u know that can salvage my desktop files and folders. Please help me with this.
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    Let me get a couple of things straight. You had Windows XP installed with NTFS and that system got corrupted. So you reinstalled Windows XP by formatting the drive with the FAT32 partition. If that is so then all the old files would have been wiped out by the format. What files then do you wish to recover?
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    ^^ if u've converted the drive which was in NTFS to FAT32 and then reinstalled XP...then all the data is lost ..... or if u've installed XP on a diff FAT drive and are not able to access the NTFS drive then u can use any software like Partition Magic to convert the NTFS to FAT without loss of any data ...
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    Hey all,
    I have lost only the data that was in C:/ and i have then converted all the files to Fat 32 so i am not able to find my desktop back. Reason being that my Bro. had setup Logins in different names of his and mine to seperate our files and so we could not open each others desktops without the logging in. Now we tried the same login names and passwords but it is just not showing the files anywhere. All the info on the other drives is safe. We tried ev'thing but in vain. I'll try the softwares u guys mentioned and will let u know in a day or two. Regards n Thanx
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    You may try Norton ghost. That might help- you. But frankly spikin, it is almost impossible to ge it back, b coz u hav changed NTFS to FAT32. All the data stored should have there4 been deleted. Still it isn't impossible to restore corrupted data with the help of Norton ghost. Keep your fingures crossed:)
    Best of luck

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