My Cover-My heart will..(Titanic Theme)..NOW CUCUMBER VERSION ADDED..check out!!

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  1. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    My Heart Will Go On-Titanic

    today i came around this song's chords posted by god of guitar..i had totally forgotten this song.. so i thought of covering it.. its pretty long so thank me i havent covered the whole song!

    at two points in the song i had to take the pitch pretty afraid that i didnt manage that well..the wherever ur and open the door part..anyways here it is>>


    hmmph bye

    edit edit edit::

    check out the Cucumber Version which i have uploaded :grin: >>
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  2. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    can't belive this.. u did it so quickly ... so reps b4 i listen it.. no no this wud be unjustified .. let's wait to hear..
  3. coolhemant

    coolhemant New Member


    man vini 'ji' i tell that uve relly recreated that magic excellent wrk awesum gr8 but!
    i feel that if strummin would have a little slow n better then it would have been better than the original 1
    mind blowing
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    no i did lot many things in the meanwhile...had fried rice n manchurian..had some pepsi, played with my niece
    and in rest 15 mins recorded..phissh
  5. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    @ hemant ji

    thanx ji..for the compliment ji but about the strumming ji, u know it isnt really a guitar song ji and trust me ji..if i would have slowed down at strumming, the song would have become boring. so im sorry ji..i cant accpet ur strumming suggestion

    ok ji?
  6. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    oh so u did it evn quickier .. jyaada jaldi kar di .. but still i love it..specially from "near far.." n lovely guitaring.

    hey shud hv thot of mr. dawson, probably at higher pitch .. hehehe :p:
  7. vini

    vini Repeat Offender


    who is mr. dawson? plz enlighten me
  8. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    don't tell me .. u dont know mr. dawson... jack dawson >> JD = heart throb frm 1998 to almost 2000 n still .. tht crack in "who's eating gilbert's grape" (some name like tht)... enlighten ur memories vini....

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  9. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    nice guitarin n voice 2 ..overall a gud cover .. :)
  10. arparwan

    arparwan New Member

    good effort ...... ur vocals are good as well
  11. MASK7

    MASK7 New Member

    too gd, both strumming n vocals were great! great job! ;) (how do i rep?)
  12. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    thanx guys
    click the yellow star button on bottom left of my post and it will lead u to the desired page.
  13. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    IN LUV WID UR VOICE....<3 (hey - i used that icon - so am i popular yet? ;))
    infact this thing is better than the original - i wud donate all my pts (not that they're much) - but seeing that ur VERY well off...i wont
    amazing stuff...anoda classic cover from vini....
    a request bout takin that thing - and putting a solo in the the titanic theme- the one they play when they show kate on the the ad
    i had it figured out....will post if u ask real nice...waise - its not that tough....u figure it out....
    REPS definetly - man u got an affinity fer good covers....
    a classic example fer beginers to figurin out strummin on ur own....
    once agin i repeat....IN LUV WID UR me dreams of keira knightely....:eek::....luvli werk....
  14. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    *gee* thanks for ur appreciation!

    keira knightley? why?
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  15. hey good one vini..u must have recorded full song..if yes than do that...and post it...reps if it allows..
  16. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    full song..hmm! its quite a big one//most of my covers r full/complete

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  17. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----&gt; Zhol-Man&lt;----

    y am i gettin a error...... come on vc and sing it ...** goes to try again **
  18. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----&gt; Zhol-Man&lt;----

    ok..nice one vini..but as im listening it now again, i personally feel the strummin could have been taken some other way too..din feel the strummin that proper yaa..neways my opinion..u know na how im with regardss to strummins..thts y...but good one..reps...
  19. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    i dunno...ur voice alwez makes me think of her....ahhh nostalgia...
  20. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----&gt; Zhol-Man&lt;----

    i hope this she isnt that she of urs...karz .....:think: :p:

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