My compostion of Allah Key Bandey Rock version

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by Laeeq, Mar 24, 2007.

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    60 views no comments hmm ???
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    The arrangement was....unique, let's put it that way. Dont mess around with instruments for that long, 1:30 before introducing the vocals in. The vocals were alright. The arrangement, you might want to reconsider. Try to arrange it in a way that the original melody remains intact, because this is such a popular song, people wont be able to forget the original and unless yours is REALLY good they're not going to like the new arrangement. Nice try though. Looking forward to the improved one.
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    Thank you so much for those valuable comments...i really appreciate that...i am still just a beginer been playing about a year now...and you are right about the instrument messing with it too long..and 1:30 before the vocals came in..i have to work on making that shorter whic is not that hard..yeah it is a famous song..but i only heard the accoustic version of it i dont know if there is a full band version? but i thought this would be cool so i did it...the guitar solos and stuf are all improvised just recorded what came to me at that time according to the beat and feel of the song...well anywyas thanks again and i'll try to make it a little better when i have some time :) k bye

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