My Chords: AMorpHis - K4rielA - 5Top CL4liNg m3 4 n00B!!!

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  1. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    ok - so im a metal hed - and ur a metal hed....and we both liek AMROPHIS???!!! ok i do - if u dont - goto hell!!! ok dont - its kinda ruch hour there rite now...
    just figured this out myslef rite now...its an amazing less herd 46 second symphony by amorphis = serch anewhere - gurantee find!! - ok p2p's only....watever....
    so - here i am doin my bit to keep this place livin...



    repeat these sumtimes....aneone in here like sepultra - just figured out part of "War For Territory!"
    so - ok - dload this man - even if ur not a metal fan - it just happens to be acoustic like and its beau....will definetly do a rec....
    and dont think it sux cuz "shuru hone se pehle khatam 'hoe' gaya...."
    it is truly beautiful....
    so enjoi mutha-
  2. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    wtf - noone knows AMORPHIS????
  3. vishalj

    vishalj Banned


    %^&* this message too short popup is annoying
  4. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    my god...i just know 2 pple who heard amorphis..u r number 3..n i am number 1...ur own work?good then...i think they r the oldest death metal...wot do u think?
  5. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    dude - good to know u like em too....THEY Kick Ass!!!
    yep this is my original werk.....actually tryin to tab some other song of theirs only - found this....
    hmmm...maybe not! i think older bands mite exist...
  6. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    cud be...i dunno!!

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