My bands Debut - Daira - Main Nahi

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  1. Mehvar

    Mehvar *hippie~guitarist*

    Click this link to download directly --->Daira - Main Nahi


    go here if the link doesnt work.

    Comments Will Be appreciated.
    We Worked really hard,please dont be rude :D

    Daira - Main Nahi
    Composition: Farhan,Mehvar & Torsam
    Lyrics : Mehvar & Farhan
    Vocals: Farhan Raja
    Guitars and Bass: Mehvar Amin & Sunny
    Live Drums: Torsam Tajik

    Orginal Band lineup
    Farhan Raja: Vocals
    Mehvar Amin:Lead guitars
    Sunny Kumar:Bass
    Torsam Tajik:Drums

    Woh chehra yaadon mein tumhara hai
    Woh yaadein aur woh waadey tumharey hain
    Woh maut jo aye gi meri hai
    Woh yaadein jo tujhko satyayn gi
    Meri hain

    Aur kuch bhi nahi
    Ye zindagi nahi
    merey paas
    toh main nahi

    Woh zindagi jo guzrey gi meri hai
    Woh saansein jo tootein gi meri hain
    Woh ankhein jo bheegein gi meri hain
    Woh yaadein tujhko satyayn gi
    Meri hai

    Aur kuch bhi nahi
    Ye zindagi nahi
    merey paas
    toh main nahi

    woh yaadein jo tujhko satyayn gi
    meri hain

    Aur kuch bhi nahi

    *ofcourse this is demo version but still near Studio Quality! :think:

    Mehvar Of Daira.
  2. angel_eyez178

    angel_eyez178 New Member

    awwww...wat happend to ur site mehvar..its closed down?
    tell torsam i sed hi... m his sis/cousin.. :D

  3. Mehvar

    Mehvar *hippie~guitarist*

    hahah hey...
    yes the sites cud say daira was a phase for

    now its
    i ll say hi to torsam from you :p
  4. angel_eyez178

    angel_eyez178 New Member

    haha yeahhh..i forgot the band is named raith now:p im so stupid.. u guys performed at cousins mehndi also..
    gluck wid it!!

  5. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

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