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    Hey guys,

    I'd like to introduce my band to all of you in India.

    Please check out my first single

    The name of the song is BREAK.

    We hope to gig in India one day!

    Pras and nice to meet you all.

    Crimson Rain are four blokes hailing from different parts of the world and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Their sound can be described as post-grunge, alternative rock.

    Prasanna Kumar (or just Pras) is the singer and songwriter for the band, and is supported by guitarist Avi Pranish, bassist Ben Lee and drummer Matt Bunce. With more than 10 years of collective experience amongst the members, each member contributes to the sound of Crimson Rain with influences ranging from grunge to flamenco to jazz to metal.

    The final line-up has played together just shy of a full year and is currently recording their first EP. Crimson Rain intends to take their live performance to New Zealand and the world on the back of this EP, featuring four tracks including the single Break.

    Their journey begins with their EP release at the Dogs Bolix in Auckland on the 28th of August.
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    Your link is phail.
  3. crimsonrainnz

    crimsonrainnz New Member

    Holy smokes!

    My bad! Let me start again..

    and click on BANDPAGE.

    I'd like your review guys! Thanks!
  4. thehundredthone

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    Your vocalist needs to improve. Quite a lot. His singing, I can best describe as lazy, he doesn't care if he goes out of tune.

    There isn't much happening musically on the guitars. The lead guitarist is just throwing in some random licks here and there, it seems like an afterthought.

    That's what stood out at first listen. Production is quite alright, on my speakers at least.

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