my aim...

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  1. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    my aim is to fly
    oh your god so high
    i could go in that air
    with all my inbuilt flair....

    i stare in the sky
    and i dont know why
    oh your god so high...

    i'd reach it one day
    i will someday
    and embrace it tightly
    wont let it go easily
    and then i wont feel ny pain .. not even slightly...

    i have true faith
    and i never lie
    i want to fly

    i know i am all alone
    they'll fob me with my failure and success would never be shown...
    but one day i'd be there n
    to that i swear

    one day i'd surely show you
    coz' i know i'd get through....

    i have within me some sort of fire
    and with that strong desire
    i know i'll fly
    oh baby so... so... so high
    in that infinite sky....
  2. allstarsband

    allstarsband New Member

    u continue to amaze ppl......gr8
  3. metalhead_junky

    metalhead_junky New Member

    wow, u're great nandy!
    hey dude long tym....
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    i liked the last para........'its just awesome
    u're superb nandy......keep it up!
  5. ok so i odnt thing the poem has any different thought which i can admire...*what did he say my lord...Words* ... everty body dies .... big deal ?...i recommend yout to listen the song miles from no hwere by Cat stevens

    but still a pretty decent attempt to express ur feelings..
  6. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    thnk u soooo much .. i too like d last para b8r dan d others...
  7. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    thnk u very much...i'd surely keep ur suggestns in mind....
  8. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    thnk u soo much dear....but honestly speaking dis one was just a stupid attempt...i wrote it wen i was 12....
  9. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    thnk u soooo much dear... :)
  10. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    n hw old r u now?
    well tht was pretty good attempt neway
  11. opppss....ok ...hey jsut wanted to share .... do u really think the god thing is up in the sky...or its just due to the stories that we herd in the child hood *faries flying down*....i see it sooo many times in literature gods live in heaven and heavne is thoughts??
  12. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    ^ dont think so deep... god is in its no longer above...
  13. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    i am 16 nw...thnx again..
  14. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member


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