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  1. deepakndm26

    deepakndm26 New Member

    Hello guys

    Well this is not about guitar chords or any other instruments...

    In fact it is about "no instruments" at all....

    We are an Acapella group here at Drexel University, Philadelphia. I would like you guys to check us out at

    Feedbacks awaited

  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    First of all, I love you for going acapella.

    I was disappointed by the rukmini. It just didnt have the zing of the original song. Your "Oooo"'s weren't really full enough....and your female vocalists fell a bit short.

    Sa Ni Dha Pa I liked...the female vocals were a bit off at the beginning.

    I liked the yai re and considering that it was impromptu makes it more impressive. Once again, your female singer disappoints's a low song though so I can understand why it was that way.

    Hope you upload the others soon.

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