Musical Intervals in a Given Scale

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  1. glman74

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    I am a beginner reading a bit of theory, and my understanding is that in order to transcribe songs, it is important to recognize musical intervals.

    If a song belongs to say, the Major Scale, is there a rule that only certain types of musical intervals can occur in it?

    If you take any song, are there usually a bunch of different intervals in it, or just a few?

    I would very much appreciate it if any of the experts could explain the concept of intervals using a simple song - say "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".


  2. Ashyantony7

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    well.. an interval as you say is nothing but how distant the note is away from the root note.. for example you can play the twinkle twinkle little star in C scale as |C C G G | A A G -| (I mean the lead notes here) and in G scale as | G G D D| E E D - | as you see.. you hear similar song but with different starting pitches.. so you can just transpose a song (which is nothing but change the scale of a song) untill you keep the intervals correct.. you know G is the fifth of C scale and in the same way D is the fifth note of G scale..
  3. glman74

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    Thanks, Ashyantony7.

    I was actually wondering if all possible intervals (for eg. minor third and major seventh) can occur in the *same song* with a given scale. So when you are trying to transcribe a song, if you know the scale, do you need to watch out for all possible musical intervals, or just a few?
  4. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Yes of course.. you have to watch out for all this.. when transposing the scale.. only the root note changes.. the intervals.. the accidentals.. all remain but they now follow the new scale.. so for example. you play a chord progession like..

    | Am | Dm | G | Am | E7| Am | Em | Esus4 |

    now you transpose the song to a scale like say C minor then you get..

    | Cm | Fm | Bb | Cm | G7 | Cm | Gm | Gsus4 |

    so same effect.. but different starting note.. hence different scale..

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