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    Hi Folks, there's a music slow down tool called song surgeon(some of you may already know about it) which really helps with your guitar strumming, vocals or whatever you wanna do musically. Subscribe to the demo version (you cant lose cos its free) and you will get huge discounts from time and again on the standard or the pro version if you like it. Song surgeon is available in the windows and mac version in pc's and for smart phone user its only available in the Iphone app. Android users don't be disappointed cos there's also a free version of whats called ASC(Audio Speed Changer). For all those folks out there starting out on the guitars, its a must have. You will see a rapid improvement. There are other versions as well, such as riff master pro and many more but I reckon song surgeons the best(but then again whatever tickles your fancy). You can go on to you tube and get a feel for it first, just for curiosities sake. O yea and practice, practice , practice!! Cheerio.

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