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    Hi Guys, Here goes my review of Kaminey Music. Please comment your views.

    The Title track "Kaminey" looks good of the entire album where vishal himself singing. the song is soothing number with bful lyrics. It has improvised tunes and the word kaminey is repeated superbly. It has a smilar tune of "Jine ke ishare mil gayee" of fir milenge.listen and you will know what i am talking about.

    "pahlibar" has a bful piano playing at start improvising slowly and mohits voice catches it so well you will love this song. And I should mention of the simple and bful lyrics here.

    Dhan tena which is very popular song. Too much of it everywhere be it TV radio or caller tune will fade its effect.

    Fatak is just OK song, didn't like it so much, Go charlie instrumental looks desi version of bond music. Rat ke dhai baje is again a just OK number.

    Overall this is good album with 3 good songs, Also we shouldn't forget its a movie music album and the songs may be situation based.

    Star : 3 star.

    - Vishal
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    Well d songs r ok not that gr8

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