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    Lets start one music quiz shall we .. please let one Question be Finished with asnwers then post another question .. so the thread won't get messed up.
    People Who Answer Will Get Repd I Hope, I'll do it from ma side thou.

    Ma Question Is:

    Q. What Is The First Name of Led Zepplin's Singer?

    1. Jimmy

    2. Mark

    3. Robert

    4. Bobby

    State You Answers " eg. Number. NAME "

  2. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    well some more info

    Led Zeppelin was a British band noted for their innovative, influential approach to heavy blues-rock and as one of the most popular and influential bands of all time. They both helped define and transcended the then-emerging heavy metal sub-genre.
    Robert Plant (Vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Bonham (drums), and John Paul Jones (Bass) John Bonham died in 1980, which caused the band to break up.

    check the pic

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  3. SG1

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    Amazing Duder, Thats Xactly the kinda Post / Answer i was Looking For its great to post some information if you can with the Answer.
  4. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    which one of these names is not part of the group tool??
    1.Danny Carrey
    2.Adam Jones
    3.James Keenan
    4. Jeordie White.
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  5. SG1

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    4. Jeordie White.

    Tool is an American progressive rock band, formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California, when drummer Danny Carey joined the rehearsal of his neighbor, singer Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Paul d'Amour, when nobody else would show up. His decision proved to be a stroke of luck when the band turned out to become a highly successful act, "introducing dark, vaguely underground metal to the preening pretentiousness of art rock"

    Chck Out The Pic

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  6. SG1

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    Second Question.

    Q. What band was Mark Knopfler in for most of his career?

    1. Dire Straits.

    2. Deep Purple

    3. Sultans Of Swing

    4. Cream

    State You Answers " eg. Number. NAME "

  7. Jam3r

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    1. Dire Straits.


    Dire Straits was a British rock band, formed in 1977 by David Knopfler (guitar), his brother Mark Knopfler (guitar and vocals), John Illsley (bass), and Pick Withers (drums), and managed by Ed Bicknell. Although the band was formed in an era when punk rock reigned, Dire Straits worked within the conventions of classic rock, albeit with a stripped-down sound that appealed to modern audiences weary of the overproduced stadium rock of the 1970s (see 1970s in music). In their early days, Mark and David requested that pub owners turn down the amps so that patrons could converse while the band played - indicative of their unassuming demeanor. Despite this oddly self-effacing approach to rock and roll, Dire Straits soon became hugely successful with their first album going multi-platinum globally.

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  8. SG1

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    Pretty Cool jam3r

    Third Question.

    Q. In the picture shown below "What Is This Instrument Called?"

    1. AI harp guitar

    2. German schrammel guitar

    3. the Remora Guitar

    4. hybrid harp Guitar

    State You Answers " eg. Number. NAME"


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  9. Garima

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    @SG1...thot i wud come here for a visit...and now m running away...this is not for me...:shutup:

    all the best and enjoii the quiz....:chase:
  10. the_wizard

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  11. Garima

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    ^^^yeah....i did google...aftr all...

    *sigh* m not that lazy as i thot i am....:p:
  12. SG1

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    Wizard, YES this is Correct hehe


    William Cumpiano, built for Sean MacLean, 1989

    The "Remora" is a solid sub-bass harp string attachment that attaches to a standard guitar (like a remora to a shark).
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    Okay Guyz .. a lill Funny thing i created .. lets do it

    Here is Question.

    Q. Looking at the picture below, Name both Celebreties.

    I won't give choices as its a very easy question.
    however you guyz can give me 2 answers like 4 names and i'll let you know.

    State You Answers " eg. Name, Name
    Name, Name


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  14. vini

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    ^ rose and lavigne!!

    images r better form of quiz as they cant be googled as such unlike other questions

    any guesses for this :p: >>

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  15. notty_lad

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    It looks as if the Guitar is attached to the Harp (i.e. Guitar is actually the Remora if you look at it) :p
  16. SG1

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    VINI :


    lol Good One

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    Ma Turn ..

    Guess Who This Person Is?

    Pic Below

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  18. ronnieanand

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    That was me :)
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    Do not Spam Dude .. You Know The Answer .. Post It.
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