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    Life is a melody,
    at times with music so soft and low,
    as if a gentle whisper inaudible,
    heard only by the soul.
    That’s melody perfect,
    melody the sweetest
    melody at its prime;
    an other times it’s orchestra in high tones,
    like a dance in high ecstasy;
    at times the music is shrill,
    piercing, deafening.

    Life’s musical tones are varied and manifold,
    whisper, soft, low, music bass, shrill or too high and bold.

    Give me, O life, thy sweetest
    harmonies of youth, love and beauty;
    and of compassion for the poor and the deprived;
    and of friendship, goodwill and amity,
    and of peace and fraternity.

    Kindly comment
    i really need them
  2. Varshita

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    Beautiful use of words......Good ... quite a musical explanation!! :)
  3. write2madhur

    write2madhur dowdiegeekgizmofreak

    thanks ur the only one who gave some comments i have requested every one to do it ur the only first person to reply it
  4. Sharmontime

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    great piece. really touching and melodious.
  5. #iR@


    very nicely done! :beer:

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