Musafir Mix - Zindagi Mein koi - Sung by Mudit

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  1. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Created one more...but am not adding this one to my website, want some feedback first.
    The song is from the Movie Musafir and the name of the song is titled "Zindagi mein koi". The song has been musically created and sung by me.

    Click here to Download "Musafir Mix - Sung by Mudit"

    Do visit my website for more such songs.

    Waiting for comments........ :beer:
  2. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    No comments????? :annoyed:
  3. skaw

    skaw snooze

    woah dude, NICE MUSIC .. but vocals .. honestly man u sound like a "phata huwa baaingan" .. no offence, but yea the vocals ruin the whole track .. but the music is pretty gud ..
    sorry for the discourage, but its true, i don't sing cause i can't sing good ..

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