mundasupatti - raasa magarasa guitar chords

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  1. ramshyam00

    ramshyam00 New Member

    can someone please post the chords and also the notes for this song. Guess it starts with E, not sure where it proceeds then. Please help.
  2. shyam169

    shyam169 New Member

    This is my version of chords. Seniors please correct me wherever i am wrong.. :)

    Em Em Em
    raasa magaraasa engayyaa
    E Em Em
    un raasaangam sarinjaacho sollayyaa
    E E E
    kannodu nee iruntha
    E E E
    kanmoodi yen parantha
    E E E
    raasaa.. nee en.. rosaa..

    E E E
    raani magaraani kalaivaani
    G G G
    en raathookkam paripoche maruthaani
    A D
    ponnaana un kaathil
    A D
    en aasa sonnene
    Em Em Em
    raani.. nee en.. theni..

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