Munbe Vaa chords please!

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  1. se6d

    se6d New Member

    Hi, can somebody please post chords for the song 'Munbe Vaa' from Jillunu Oru Kadhal?
  2. zero

    zero New Member

    chords please......
  3. sri02

    sri02 New Member

    yeah..i love dat song.....
    and can i have the tabs for the intro of munbe vaa..?
  4. adelphin

    adelphin New Member

    can i have the tabs of the intro of munbe va
  5. sabi_4ever

    sabi_4ever New Member

    munbe vaa....... melodious song..
    i love that song plz if u get the chords & lyrics pls post it..........
  6. dj_boy

    dj_boy New Member

    I Think!!!!

    :p: Guys and girls, I saw at some forum that tthe chords are same for MUNBE VAA and NEw York Nagaram(different tempo). I tried on keyboard sounds close try them. Its A minor,F,C,G.i am not pro so if its wrong correct me, cheers ya all.
  7. HONO

    HONO New Member

    I tried with your chords on Am, but this song is in A#m, let me know if its not good.................
  8. dj_boy

    dj_boy New Member

    Thanks Dude, i will try it out, its for MUnbe Vaa right?.:rock: on
  9. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    hono.... Am is doing good.... but it should be changed dependin on the pitch....

    naan naanai.... goes on.... this high pitch needs Em bar chord... and C ... D....
    check it out n tell me
  10. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    hey all

    check my posts.. u'll fine.. it's a B minor song
  11. Delip

    Delip New Member

  12. eldhope

    eldhope New Member

    plzzz.....itz a very luvly song....kindly post d chords
  13. guards_24

    guards_24 New Member

    hi guys try this out

    Am F G C
    Munbe vaa enn anbe vaa, poo poo vaai poopom vaa....

    Am Amsus G
    naan naanaa kettean

    Am F G C
    Naan nee ya nejam sonathey

    Am F G C A G C Em
    Rango rango li...............


    C Em

    Nilavidam vaadagai vaanki vili veetinil kudi vaikalaama

    Am F G
    naan vaalum veetinil veraarum vanthaale thagumaaa

    Then malai thekku.... repeat as above.

    Am G F G F G Am

    neeyum senkula serum kalanthathu poley kalathava naam.
  14. Fret One

    Fret One New Member

    It sounds perfect to me in Am. More than A#m.
  15. rajeshguitarboy

    rajeshguitarboy New Member

    thanks bro.. i tried & sounds good

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