Mumbai Rock, Metal, Hindi Bands Rejoice - N.O.C. V2.0 The Jam Room Studio unveiled!

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Would you jam with your band at N.O.C. V2?

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  1. knopfler

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    N.O.C. V 2.0 The 24/7 Jam Studio is the new and improved jam room specifically designed to cater to the live jams of rock, metal, pop, hindi-rock bands in Mumbai, with several value adds. The original N.O.C. (2006-2009) started by BAJAAO ( was Mumbai's first jam studio for rock bands and pioneered the concept of a professional jam room. In N.O.C. V2.0 they have built upon their vast experience to improve the jam room holistically to recreate the ambience and acoustics of playing on stage.

    A mixer-amplifier setup has been provided to eliminate volume wars and to give bands the feeling of playing on stage and also to educate bands on basic sound setups and mixing techniques. The comfortable environment lets bands focus purely on making and practicing their music with no problems and no interruptions. Just get your guitars, processors, and cables, plug in, and enjoy the best jam experience of your lives.

    Basic facilities at N.O.C. V2.0

    1. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year
    2. Soundproof, Acoustically treated, air-conditioned, and carpeted environment
    3. Conveniently located - 5 minute walk from Andheri station
    4. 10-Channel StudioMaster Professional Mixer
    5. Two Laney 120W Powered Studio Instrument Monitors for amazing guitar/bass/vocals/keyboard sound.
    6. Premier Cambria Drumkit with Hardware and High Quality Meinl Cymbals
    7. BE3 Bass combo Amplifier
    8. AXL Rapture 70W guitar amplifier
    9. Hartke Piggyback guitar head/stack amplifier
    10. 2 Microphones with stands provided.
    11. Drinking Water provided , Snack ordering facility

    What does it cost?

    Jamming - Rs 150 per hour (Flat Rate, payable at the start of jams).

    How do I book a slot ?

    Simple! just call one of these numbers to book your slot. The same shall be alloted to you depending on availibility. You can also book your slot through SMS on the same numbers if you cant get through. A confirmation SMS shall be sent to you.

    Numbers : 9820854485 / 9222350089 / 9833867230 / 9320038513

    E-mail us at

    N.O.C shall accept bookings for 4 days in advance.
    Cancellations may be made 48 hours prior to the booked slot.
    Any cancellations made thereafter shall be liable to a small penalty of Rs.50/- per hour of the previously booked session , during the next usage.

    Where is N.O.C V2.0?

    #9, New Apollo Industrial Estate
    Mogra Village Road
    Off Old Nagardas Road
    Andheri East
    Mumbai - 400069
    Landmarks - Pinky Cinema, Shiv Sagar Restaurant, Vasant Bar and Restaurant, and Amboli Subway.

    N.O.C. is a 5 minute walk from Andheri station!

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