Mumbai Flash Floods - Share Your Experience

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    Lets share our experience of the flash floods in mumbai...

    I reached office by 1.00 pm it was drizzling, while leaving home i didnt carry an umbrella as i just had to travel by car from my home garage to office garage. As soon as i landed in my office it started pouring, i didnt care it pours all the time in Mumbai monsoon!

    Well after15 mins of getting upto-date with all the office stuff, we looked out of the window and saw water accumulating in the lane below us. This was routine happens all the time then say after another 15 mins we took a peak again to see the water level reach alarming high and went down to have a look (make fun of people when their vehicles gets stuck in water).

    When we came down I was surprised to see 4 feet of water in just half n hour, this was very strange as it pours at times but the water levels don’t reach that high that fast! We saw lot vehicles namely rickshaws getting stuck due to their low build height while trying to cross to the other side.

    After watching vehicles after vehicles getting stuck water in their engine, we realized we better get the **** out of there. We ran up and closed the office got our belongings and got in my car. As soon as I got the car out of the office blding it SUNK like a rock. The water was 5 feet now and the car was literally floating in the water, the tyres didn’t even touch the ground once. I screamed BAIL OUT the nincompoops along with the shouted back “there is water outside, man”! After a few curses later they finally opened the doors to get out and the water just gushed in with an extreme force, we could barely keep the door open to get out. The whole car sunk, and I said goodbye to my new deck etc that I had recently got for my car.

    We all came inside the blding again. We have an underground parking, which has a height of 20 feet the water came inside the blding and went straight into the parking. They had to switch off the electricity as water was everywhere, it would have started a fire if not switched off. As the electricity was off they couldn’t pump the water out of the parking, anyways where would they pump the water out too? Just within 15 mins the whole parking was submerged in the dirty gutter water with lot of expensive cars inside it.

    Now we had to get home, we had to cross the filth filled 5 and half feet water. While our way home we saw traffic jams of biblical proportions people were just leaving their vehicles in roads and running off. Some idiots were enjoying this, others were **** scared, and there was absolute chaos everywhere. We had to walk 2 kilometers of **** filled water, with the water levels raising every few mins. There was so much water pouring in that it was diffcult even to just stand still for a moment as there was this massive current that would drag you off your feet and if for some reason you would fall there was very little chance anybody could save you.

    I encountered an elderly man who was walking strangely, I asked him what was wrong. He told me he had trouble walking as he was sick and was just returning from seeing a doctor. He had x-rays and medical perception in one hand which I gave my friend and I got hold of his hand and walked along with him, this was no ordinary guy he saw 6.3 and obese so if he would have fainted, there would have no way we could have carried this person. By the grace of god everything went fine and we came out of the ****ty water alive.

    There was no electricity in the entire area, where I live. There were no TV, no radios working, not even a single phone working, all were dead. We couldn’t contact anyone to find out if they were ok.

    As there was no communication with the outside world none of us realized the gravity of the situations. There was nothing to eat, no water and no electricity, a wonderful combination! We couldn’t sleep the entire night with mosquitoes having a treat on us. It was also surprisingly hot with it raining the whole day and night!

    The next morning I along with my friend who stayed at my place as he couldn’t go home went out to see the situation. There were buses in gutters, cars upside down, people still stranded in their offices others looking for their relatives etc. The water had still not subsided but at a lower level than before.

    There were people who had died in buses due to trauma, there was this one women who died in her car clutching the steering wheel. A friend who met me that morning told me there was this chick floating around in water for 15 and no one came to her help thinking she was dead. But she got around and somehow got back to her office.

    Im writing this in hurry please excuses the spelling errors and typos etc. Please share your experience here…
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    hey neo i guess there is already a thread like this .......... called "rain in mumbai"!!!!
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    my advwenture is kinda ive attched it....

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    well if u like da above description....lemme plannin to polish it and write a short story on dat... :beer:
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    yeah do so ...
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    dlogic Zuitarist can be a writer
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    thnx guys....will do it dis weekend...hopefully....
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    ne more comments????????
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    good work man

    great job man!!!!!!!!
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    gr8 , i have my wierd xperience toooooo!!!


    >>>ADVENTURE OF LIFETIME ::----->>>><<<<-----::

    it was yesterday 6:00 i got up for the college with an bunky mood.had my breakfast then i and chinu set off to kanjurmarg station.the clouds were spread gray all over.i knew there was going to be another one of those large scale rain but never xpected one of this kind.

    everything was fine for sometime.i reached sion and went to college and the gr8 lecture started, i slept.then about 9:15 to 9:45 am the rain started pouring like salt.the 1st lecture, break, 2nd lecture, break past by.The 3rd lecture was going on.
    then about 1:20pm, the pune came and announced about heavy rain and water lodging or logging or whatever and vague possibilities of tains to the collee stopped then and there.the lecture was cancelled and set on 2 days leave.we all packed our bags and
    set off home.

    even on the way to station there was water till half feet.then we reached the station and no one was buying tickets.we reached the platform and it sounded so wild and gloomy like as if it was the end of the world with all those dark gray skies and nighty environment though it was just 2:00 pm.every one were shouting, howling and screaming like sounded more like a teenage late night party.the scheduled time for arrival of train was blank and no sign of which train was going to come.

    then came the first train but that was a kurla one so i skipped that.but it was hell crowded and showed signs of what was going to come.the whole crowd started howling and cheering for the train.some people settled with the connection of 2 was pathetic to see it.but i remained cool as i could ever be.the nect train came forth going towards thane.this was my only chance.the first class came and stopped in front of me.i pounced in first and got my place in the middle.then in a matter of seconds i was crushed like a cartoon character.somehow i made my way through and reached the other end.then one of school friend noticed me bcoz of my height <<<<he turned out to be in podar coll doing tybcom and was staying right next to hrianandani>>>>.but what something really fishy i realized late was that i had entered into ladies compartment.but the majority were just oldies so i scaped.the train left in 1 minute and we passed one station and reached vidyavihar.

    the train had taken its toll there for half and hour.and then we saw the rain had caused water to come to the level of the platform.then i and my friend < <abishek srivastava> abi. abbrivation> left the train and climbed the over bridge.people were rushing in and out there and most people were takig photos from the mobile of the beautiful scenery of rain water covered tracks.many cyclists were aboard the over bridge and there were 2 scooters being taken too.we somehow got through that and reached down to the other side of the river<hehe>.then started the long walk enough to compete with gandhi ji's salt walk.

    i and abi set was muddy water coming till just below my knees.and i had a wierd feeling about open we both were following people.we went ahead a few distance and asked the family shop about the route to chatkopar station.they gave a long way as the shortcuts were way we went the long way.first we and all others were chanting slogans and going.all rickshaws and taxi's and cars were half drowned and out of order.we went further and water came above MY knees.we put on our
    good part of power and moved further.the water level remained same.we went pass somaiya college.water was on the rise.there were many branches fallen and flowing along with the water.and we often hit the unseeable road, we had to walk with, there were many open electric boxes and live we had to keep off from that too.went further and further and further and finally reached ghatkopar station and were relieved.

    we soon without wasting out time crossed the overbrige<it was even worse here>
    the water was flowing like nything.and somehow we reached the other side of ghatkopar so that we could catch a bus directly to hirnandani.but the plans seemed valueless when we came across water till my thighs and we were de motivated to find out that all busses have stopped we reversed the whole procedure and went back to where we were<other side of the station>.and took 5 min rest and continued our journey.

    we again asked the way to vikhroli and was a triple time walk of the previous.
    the water level(W.L) was till my hips and we felt like moon was a numb feeling.we had to give it all we had got to get through and so we did.the building there were also in a very bad shape.schools were even worse and everything seemed too close for legs were damn paining + the jeans was coming down... .we moved in these crappy conditions and reached a temple and and our way further.there was this toilet by the side of the road and was giving out a stinky smell plus all garbages were flowing along with the water.we found it pathetic to believe on what we were walking on.further, the rain bcame very very poking like pin missiles and the wind was on its became almost paralysed kind of for us to walk.we were abled to move inch by inch putting all energy we had.we had to hold eachothers hands to get through.we reached to a certain stage where in school children were stranded and crying in the middle and had to take them to safety.then there was a situation wherein there were trucks parked in the middle of the road to help us get to the to highway.we had to hold them get get through.the W.L had reached my stomach. then i had this painful problem of the shoulders being crushed due to the i carried it in diff. positions and realized that all of my books were wet.

    then we went on on on and on and finally reahced highway but was in heavy rainfall.there wasnt much of water there.We felt so light that we were legs were moving faster than i could control.there were hundreds of people making their way through the highway.we had joined them sounded almost like evening 7 pm but was just 5:30 pm.we had a lot of fun there in the highway by talking, playing and knowing eachothers and water splashing , etc etc.we went passed the 1st and 2nd flyover.and the W.L had came upto 1 feet again.we reached some bus stops, small places and stuff trying to find a rickshaw, taxi or a bus.but it all failed.we continued further with a sense of achievement.we met up with others who had made their jounrney far from ours too and going to their destiny far from us.we somehow covered a long distance by talking what we were going to do going home n stuff.we then came across a tempo service and took a free lift to kanjurmarg starting.

    we ate some biscuits on the way. then reached KV bhandup school via gandhi nagar. with just 2 kms to hirnanadani.just then a 398 bus went passed us, it was hell crowded but was our only chance as big stones were rolling down the slope.abi got into the bus and was hurrying me to join.buti had got hit by one the stones.and the bus got away.but i saw it slow down further so i ran for it giving it all my reserved energy and climbed in.we reached the hiranadani inlet near powai lake.the water was till my knees.all street lights were off and was so dark and raining heavier than before.hundreds of pople were walking on the divider as the powai lake was seen overflowing.

    got through the cracked inlet to was very slippery, muddy and i felt like i was walking on clay/quick sand or was so dark and misty that it was looking like a graveyard.And while getting through the cracked inlet was tough part.the water was pushing my legs away and i had to and did keep a firm step and get through it.the W.L had scome to my stomach.then we reached hiranandani finally and abi left to jalvayu vihar through norita and i came home through roof garden.i reached the bldg and realized i had forgotten to take the house key and the phone was ringing <this was about 7:50 pm>.The light was on but no one seemed to be there at home.
    i thougt mom and dad would have got worried and made their way to sion but instead they had been to the powai hills waterfall i borrowed the keys from the neighbours and got inside with the phone still ringing.

    and when i came in , removed the raincoat, jacket, shoes, bag and went for the phone.just then i slipped off and offered my self a good fall and got the phone and turned out to be moms friend.and in another 20 seconds, cousins call.then i dried my hair and body and then mom nd dad showed up!even now its paining!!

    NOTE :: By ThE TiMe YoU hAvE ReAd ThIs FuLlY, 2,00,000 WouLd HaVe tAkeN BiRtH AnD 4,00,000 WoUld HaVE DiEd tHrOuGhT ThE WoRlD.
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    it definately is the schoking situation......
    i hope everything is ok by now..... and everyone is okay.....
    i think phone lines are started by now......
    hope everybody is with their family now.
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    all well that ends well xept for the current and cable !i miss my fav toons in the morning!
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    sad story mine.. my pet crock (crockodile) got drowned :'( :'(

    hey no igtian got drowned .. cool ~!
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    well i was wise and stayed home and ate and played guitar....:)

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