mujhay ruko by noori

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  1. munib

    munib New Member

    :rule: hi its me againthis song is pretty simple..........and i hope u guys like it (plz reply)
    {play it how many times u want to}

    their are two chords in this song(320033),(032033)
    once u start playing it u will definately get it (the rytthum)
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  2. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    good try munib..
    so u hav a band ?????????
  3. jogi_84

    jogi_84 New Member

    mujhae rokoo ... stands corrected by jogi...

    hmm.. i'm afraid the song is not as simple as u think it is, muneeb. its not 2 chords.
    its got 4 chords. Gmaj (320033), Cadd9 (032033), Eminor-somthing (022033) and D(030233)... and i've got em verified by a really good guitarist (who's got an underground band) who agree's i'm right.

    the chords are played in the order as shown.. picking is nearly the same as muneeb shows.

    Riff 1

    Gmaj..............Cadd9.......Emin (varied).... Dmaj (varied)


    lyrics whn the above riff is played

    Mujhae rookoo.. mujhae rookoo (times 4 i think if i remember it well)

    mujhae roko, ke main ho azaad, mujhae roko, ke meray dil main aag...
    mujhae roko, aab koi nahin saath, mujhae roko, hai kaali ye raaaaaaaaat
    ..................., meray sarr pey junoon, mujhae roko, meri aankhoon main khoon
    mujhae rokoo, mujhae aaye na sukoon, mujhae rooko, par main na rokoon gaa

    for the lyrics below... play the riff 2

    main aab thak gaya hoon... merey ehsasaat aab munjamit ho rahey hain.. etc

    Riff 2
    Emin (variation)

    back to Riff 1

    meri ye aarazoo, aab kabhi main na rookoon, tum bhi kuch sooch lo, dil ko na rookoo

    after this slow part ends, struming the chords in the same order.
    sorry cant give the complete lyrics am doing all this from memory, and its taking time.

    the part where "Mera jaagaa ehsaas.. meray munn ki hai piyaass"
    u could have two guitars to give an awesome effect, the 2nd guitarist should be using power chords equialants for the above chords. sounds extremely awesome and drives the crowd crazy :rock: . power chords (if you people didnt know them) for these would be G (355xxx), C(x355xx), E(x799xx), D(x577xx)

    note... every line consists of 4 short sentences, "mujhae roko (sentence 1), main hon aazaad (sentence 2), mujhae roko (sentence 3), meray mann main hai aag (sentence 4)... Chords change after each sentence. keep the timing in mind whn performing live.

    end note... sorry munib.. u dont rock as hard as you thought u did.. ur method is sorta wrong u know. but its arrite..i gave in wrong tabs whn i started off 3 years ago. u get better with practice.


    rock on people :rock: ...hope u enjoy playing this song.... i've performed the song on stage 2wice, i'm 100 percent sure they're correct.

    am willing to answer any questions regarding the song...
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  4. munib

    munib New Member

    well its only two chords,it really works
  5. jogi_84

    jogi_84 New Member

    ok.. if it works for you, i'm more comfy with 4 chords.
  6. jogi_84

    jogi_84 New Member

    plus whn u perform on stage u need more than two chords but if u're playing for firneds its differnt, 2 chords sae kaam chal jaye ga i gues
  7. shak

    shak Harrr!

    nice work muneeb and jogi... the chords are pretty good .. reps for you both
  8. hira

    hira New Member

    yeah I totally agree with jogi...nice work both of u..!:)
    Rock on!
  9. shak

    shak Harrr!

    and yeah try using em7 instead of emin ... sounds better
  10. m_waleed86

    m_waleed86 KhaMosh GhuStAk

    good work jogi
    have been searching the song for ages

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