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  1. guitarbala

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    This is one of my favorite songs...
    This is Paruvapu Vaana kurisale... in Telugu..

    Movie : Bheema
    Song : Mudhal Mazhai

    Maho Maho Maho Laahi Maahi Maa...
    e 0-7--0-7--0-7---5-7---5s4s2-7--

    Maho Maho Maho Baahi Laahi Maa..
    e 0-7--0-7--0-7---5-7---5s4s2-7--

    e 0-3--3-3--3p5-5s7s5---3s2s0---
    b -----------------------------3
    Mee he he hee...........Rohirona..
    e ----3-5--5-7-5-7-5-7-3-0----3-5-3-5--
    b 3-5-------------------------------

    Mee he he hee...........Rohirona..
    e ----3-5--5-7-5-7-5-7-3-0----3-5-3-5--
    b 3-5-------------------------------

    Mudhal Mazhai Ennai Nanaithadhey..
    e 0-7----0-7----0--9---10-9-5-7---

    Mudhal Murai Jennal Thiranthadhey..
    e 0-7----0-7----0--9---10-9-5-7---

    Peyarey Theriyaa dha Paravai Azhaithadhey..
    e 0-3-3---3-3--3p5-5s7s5---3s2s0-------5p7--7p5--
    b -------------------------------3-3-5------------

    Manamum Paranthadhey..
    e 5s3s2s0-------3-2---
    b ---------3-5---------

    Idhayamum hoi Idhamaai Midhanthadhey..
    e ----5p7---7s5s3s5---5s3s2s0------3-3p2---
    b 3-5--------------------------3-5---------


    Kana vodu Thaanadi Nee Thondrinaai..
    e 12-14-12-14-14s12s10-12--12p14-12-12p14

    Kangalaal Unnai Padam Eduthen..
    e 7-12-14---15-14-12-10-7-10-12-14

    aaAhhhhh...Aaa.. AAaaa....
    b 7-7s5s3s0--0-s3s5s7s10s8s7----
    En Vaasalil Netru Un Vaasanai..
    e 12-14-12-14-14s12s10-12--12p14-12-12p14

    Nee Nindra Idam Indru Unarthen..
    e 7-12-14---15-14-12-10-7-10-12-14

    Edhuvum Puriya Pudhu Kavithai..
    e 2-2p5---5-5-2--2-5---7-10-7--

    Artham Motham Indru Arindhen..
    b 5p7--7--5-3p0--0-3--5-7-5--

    Kaiyai Meerum Oru Kudaiyaai..
    e 2-5s2s5--5-5-2--2p5-7-10-9--5p7--

    Kaatroduthaan Naanum Paranthen..
    e 7-7p8-7-5-3----0-3---5-7-5-----

    Mazhai Kaatroduthaan Naanum Paranthen..
    e 0-3---7s10s8--7-5-3----0-3------5-7-5----

    Mudhal Mazhai Ennai Nanaithadhey..
  2. rajasunda

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    good work guitar bala
  3. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    Once again awesome !

    Really liked the tabs brother..once again as usual awesome !
  4. vonguitar

    vonguitar New Member

    cud u pl temme wat is 3p5 and 5s7s0 how shd i play it
  5. shran_007

    shran_007 New Member

    excuseme................can u plzz help me ........i don understand wat is that 5s 3p n all plzzzzzzzzzzz help...................reply to this fast cuz this is one of my fav songs n i am new to the instrument n i wanna learn this song............
  6. Subu_Strums

    Subu_Strums New Member

    S- slide and p-pause
  7. srigow

    srigow New Member

    cooooool sng bro:p
  8. discoverag

    discoverag New Member

    I am new to playing guitar dude!! Can you please tell me what those 3s5s, 7s, etc mean???
  9. discoverag

    discoverag New Member

    Thank you.. i got t
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