Mr IGT 2005 Reloaded

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So Mr IGT 2005 goes to...

Poll closed Dec 13, 2005.
  1. Bandbaaja

  2. BJR

  3. Ronnieanand

  4. Dharmatma

  5. Akky

  6. Sharukh

  7. Nik

  8. The_wizrad

  9. Spy_game/ ansh_phenomenon / rocking_devil

  10. Vishwa

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    Dear All,

    First of all I will request my Mods not to close this thread.. I have some good reasons for restarting it..

    1> 2005 is going to end soon.. There needs to be some way to award those people in IGT who have been consistently posting here and making IGT successful throughout this year.. they may be in any forum but they made IGT active.. We respect those members..

    2> In earlier Mr. IGT thread results were pending..

    3> This time contestants r different..

    4> I assure u this will be a clean thread.. and i appeal the posters to take care of that..

    For those who don't know them here is breif intro about them.. which is totally based on my views..

    BandBaaja : My motivation in IGT to play guitar. The most talented guy we have in IGT at the moment.. the best thing about him is the way he posts his threads.. very helpful for all.. be it a newbie or an expert.. with a wide knowledge of guitar..

    BJR We had lot many exchange of words.. but still I feel.. he is a man with a very rational thinking.. and a very talented guitarist.. with a wide knowledge of music.. a very straightforward guy..

    Dharmatama Though he is not a frequent poster but yet very consistent throughout the year.. His words "Duniya mein bhut paap hai" still rocks in IGt.. a good knowledge of music and a great person as well..

    Ronnieanand A gr8 guitarist.. Bangalorian like me.. I know he doesn't like me n my threads but yet.. i like u ronnie.. and ur knowledge of music.. i will like to meet u sometime..

    Akky A sweet guy from pune.. very popular for his recordings... very friendly.. nice with his guitar.. and a nice person..

    Sharukh Popular among frnds.. known as Shaks ( as garima says).. very descent and polite in his posts.. a nice person.. and a nice guitarist with a kool head..

    Nik a very popular guy.. really i respect his effort to be in IGT consistently that too with a dial up connection.. Nice sense of humour... and very nice with his frnds..

    the_wizard guy with gr8 sense of humour.. has been consistently and frequently in touch with IGT throughout this year.. a very nice human being.. for those who may say he is a newbie.. then i tell u.. he is our very own.. CYPHER ( forgive him mods.. plzzzz)

    Spy_game / Ansh_phenomenon / Rocking_devil / Nanda I m helpless to put all of them together becoz of 10 options limit of IGT.. But each of them have been constantly in IGT.. and without them IGT is not possible.. they have a gr8 sense of humour.. gr8 with guitars and too good with frnds... i personally feel they are very nice human beings..

    Vishwa wat shud i say about this guy.. some call him spammer.. some bugger.. most infamous guy out here.. loves creating threads.. and making people smile.. for anything else see the red dots..

    Other then these.. there is one more guy well known as ssslayer/ Jekyll.. i wish i cud add him here also.. an IIT graduate.. with a gr8 sense of humour..gr8 knowledge of music.. and a great person and a gr8 human being.. but for some reasons i can't add him..

    newcomers like notty_lad.. abhimanjarekar..r also doing a gr8 job.. I appologise to all whom i have missed out.. there r only 10 options whom to put in and whom to put out..

    Note : Mods can vote.. so their opinion will be very precious here..

    so MR IGT 2005 finally goes to ..

    vote above.. u have multiple options...

    keep rocking..

    Vishwa :cool:
  2. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    hmm pretty confusing!!! all r da gems of igt. it will be harsh to give ma vote 2 1 of thm
  3. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    ^^^ hey slip_knot u have multiple options... u can vote more than one.. feel free to vote... ur vote will really count
  4. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    I have lost my vigour. I don't think I'll do well in this poll this time.:) Atleast if no one votes. I'll vote for myself.

    The previous MR. IGT poll, i had the maximum number of votes. I am proud about that.:cool:

  5. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    ^^^ yup nik.. u were leading with max votes.. earlier.. lets see wat happens this time.. all the best.. but do vote... each one of us hv to vote
  6. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    ^ Thanks vishwa..:) I'll vote after few days. But I'll vote. Anyway, may I know when are the results going to be out(so that I vote in time before the poll closes)..:nw:
  7. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    ^^^ poll will close on 13th Dec.. so u hv to vote before that...
  8. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    is it nice to let the cat out of the bag in public???

    abhi is not in the list???
  9. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    i vote for..
    myself...ofcourse.... ;)
    and bandbaaja...he :rock:
  10. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    hahah we r second for time being ;)
  11. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    voted for Bjr, Shahrukh and Nik ...
  12. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    I've 2 votes.. Thanks vishwa and apurbadj..:)

  13. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    i have 3..
    dunnu who has voted for me... ;)
  14. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    Oops! Nik u changed my name!! :mad:
  15. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    u c apurbajd u should have voted for us instead lol ;)
  16. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    thx dude...still,i think i have a long way to go...jus a newbie till now..maybe in 2006... :beer:
  17. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    shaashh..don't say like that. You are way talented. You are a pro and we 're n00bs.. Anyway, :) ROCK ON!


    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    voted for shaks . nikku, bandu.......etc. dont remember...:p:
  19. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    wizard !!!!!!
  20. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    huh !! good one shaks !!!
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