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  1. azz

    azz New Member

    what the cost of mp3 players in karachi with company and daetails please some comments on this topic
  2. ankit_tulsyan

    ankit_tulsyan New Member

    cudn't comment on availability in karanchi but cud give u general idea .....most reputed brands wud be available in karanchi though......
    there's apple ipod there is samsung yepp and there is creative muvo.
    first decide whether u wnt a hard drive based or a solid state (flash) based player. the former are bulkier n fragile but give better cost to storage ratio...
    whereas flash based players are hardy slightly cheaper and have better portability depends on ur req though..
    i recommend a 256 or 512 mb flash based player.their details are below.
    next ur budget.
    if u have a tight budget can go for a creative muvo slim 256 mb i have the same it cost me 5k (indian).go slightly upwards and u have the ipod shuffle for 6k
    wudn't recommend it though, 6k for a memory stick that plays random songs is crap.
    better still is the samsung yepp series there are 2 gud models for 7 -8 k one is c1 other i dont remember. both are gud ...........luk at the specifications decide what u need check out reviews at then buy the best.
    hope this helped
  3. azz

    azz New Member

    thanks ankit_tulsyan but i request u to give the price list of these players and my budget 3000 :rock:
  4. ankit_tulsyan

    ankit_tulsyan New Member

    wudn't get anything branded for 3000 rs. (indian?) probably sum chinese stuff on ebay.......... wud recommend atleast a 5000 rs creative muvo slim 256mb better save up a lil.. or check if they have a 128mb model
  5. shak

    shak Harrr!

    your budget is small .. or i would have offered my ipod nano for 12k .. slightly used.
  6. azz

    azz New Member

    i am confused to buy mp3 player because in karachi the chinese mp3 player is selling and i wish to buy mp3 player of japan and germany and waht the number of songs i can upload in 128 mb space of mp3 player
  7. ankit_tulsyan

    ankit_tulsyan New Member

    depends mostly on quality and length of song the mp3 file..........
    but by normal standards u shd be able to store around 25 songs.........
  8. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    try to go for a Twinmoos , sony , scandisk if u can increase ur budget

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