Motherjane show at 10 Downing street

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by d_ist_urb_ed, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Hyderabad is having a little flurry of shows, first parikrama by itself at 10 D, then parikrama with a host of amazing hyderabadi bands at durgam cheruvu, and then yesterday motherjane at 10 D. I've seen quite a few shows, but these guys took the cake. They played a set comprising completely of their own songs. They played songs from their new album Maktub including Broken, Chasing the sun, and others, plus a couple of classics' classics, disillusioned and mindstreet. Were you there? If you're in hyderabad and you werent, you missed out. The energy that they put out was tremendous. I've just been listening to their CD again and i think they're a better live band than they're a studio band. The studio recording doesnt do justice to the incredible performance that they put out when doing any song. And the band is a bunch of really nice down-to-earth guys. We got to meet and talk to them after the show. If they come to your city, make sure to watch them. And keep an eye out on their website. As soon as Maktub (their new album) is released, they're gonna put it up for download. Their old album is already up for download. If nothing you ATLEAST have to listen to Mindstreet. That song was performed two times on request yesterday. Pretty friggin' awesome. And on a final note i hope to see you all in bangalore, megadeth comin' to town, and so will machinehead, motherjane, and lots of others.

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