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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by y2ksameer, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. y2ksameer

    y2ksameer New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I've been a regular at Bharat Music House but I don't think I'm going to go to them to buy my new Acoustic Guitar. It's not that I don't like them or have had bad experiences, It's just that I need to almost BEG them for a good deal and I think I might just be spending a little too much on my instruments.

    So tell me where can I get a GOOD acoustic guitar with a pickup in New Delhi. My budget is about 10-12K and I'm not a beginner.

    I'm trying to get a comparison between

    Bharat Music House


    Bhatia Musicals (I detest their store in DLF Phase 4 Gurgaon)


    Rangarsons (spelling error!) (These guys were really helpful when I went to get my dear olddddddddd Givson Jumbo fixed). [ This is between Bharat Music and Onstage).

    Also, does anyone know any good site which reviews acoustic guitars?


  2. kanwal_diku

    kanwal_diku New Member

    go to raj musicals( patel nagar) bro or even better go to JD musicals( rajouri garden)..

    both are good ...but J.D musical guy is really helpful
  3. y2ksameer

    y2ksameer New Member

    Thanks Kanwal,

    But those areas are way out of my way. I'm looking for something in South Delhi. I'm not familiar with Rajouri garden and that part of town :(
  4. y2ksameer

    y2ksameer New Member

    I just saw Raj musicals website. This store seems LOADED :D
  5. kanwal_diku

    kanwal_diku New Member

    raj is good...but if u really want to meet a really nice and helpful person..go to J.D. will really feel good after meeting the guy..
  6. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Seriously mate, Bharat absolutely sucks ass, no after sales support at all, sales staff unhelpful and ignorant and behave like they're selling you potatoes, not a musical instrument. Take your business elsewhere.

    Bhargava's - Great collection of electric guitars, but they have some lousy policies such as insisting on sticking a shitty sticker on the front of your guitar. Make sure you discuss the sticker bitch-ness before you start talking guitars. They can be real *******s about this. DO NOT ACCEPT the sticker. It's your guitar. It's your business what you want to stick on it.

    Raj is decent. Also, definitely give Furtados a try (Lajpat Nagar).
  7. y2ksameer

    y2ksameer New Member

    Wassup Doc!

    Yeah, I happened to stumble upon your sticker troubles with Bhargavas. I will make sure I mention that as the first thing when I enter today. I didn't know there was a Furtados in Lajpat too. I've been to the one in Ambience mall gurgaon but they mostly stock Taylor and they are WAY out of my league.

    Where exactly is it in Lajpat ? I'll check them out when I visit OnStage today.


  8. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    It's in Lajpat Nagar-2. Great store, doesn't have a full repertoire of guitars or amps but good staff and most importantly educated, professional behavior.

    If you've been going to Bharat in the past you'll probably be shocked to realize that people who sell musical instruments aren't douchebags by definition.
  9. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    To be exact it's "B-14, Basement, Lajpat Nagar-II"

    Cheers and good luck. :)
  10. y2ksameer

    y2ksameer New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I went guitar hunting yesterday :), but since I reached most shops late in the evening, I couldn't make my choice yesterday due to lack of time.

    I'm sharing my experience.

    Bhargava's -
    They have a nice acoustic collection and the prices are decent too. There are 2 problems I faced. One, the person dealing with me was a security guard. He didn't know about the wood or any other specification. This was frustrating. Finally, when I settled on a guitar, I was asked to go upstairs into their main shop and speak to the owner. The owner didn't BUDGE with the price AT ALL. He was very curt and said "Please don't mention any reduction in price". Plus, he was busy staring into his computer screen looking at CCT's he had installed on the various floors. Their attitude was like "It's no problem, if u take ur business elsewhere". Disinterested , is the word I'd say. But there prices are still good!

    Furtados -
    Well, the one in Lajpat Nagar is well stocked but the one in Ambience Mall Gurgaon is definitely better stocked. I don't know if it was the time (7:45pm - they close at 8) or something else, but I was left to my own devices to choose a guitar. There was noone helping me. There was one guy, but he handed me random guitars to check. The service at Ambience mall is DEFINITELY better. GOOD thing about both the stores, they keep their guitars TUNED which really saves time.
    CONCLUSION - GREAT SERVICE(but don't go when theyre about to close), WELL STOCKED, AND ALL GUITARS ARE TUNED!!!

    OnStage -
    If you ever want to buy a "PLUTO" head to onstage. They have a decent collection. Other than that, they do stock Fenders and Kort too. Unfortunately, they don't deal in Yamaha :(. The problem with this shop is their guitars. Almost EVERY guitar that I played BUZZED on a specific fret. The other problem was all the guitars were out of tune and the guy who was helping me was STUBBORN about tuning them with an electronic tuner. He was confident about his manual tuning capabilities but I wasn't convinced that it was "standard". I found a good "Kort" which I wanted to buy but after checking it, I found it BUZZING on fret 2, even after "Standard" tuning :(. These guys ought to take more care of their guitars. There's no point stocking so many if theyre all going to BUZZ!

    RangarSons -
    This was my next stop. I had a good experience with this shop because the owner and the helpers are very warm and nice people and really accomadating. Unfortunately, the shop has a VERY LIMITED guitar collection. The owner swore buy a band called "Farida" but I wasn't too happy with it after playing the Kort (at Onstage) and the Yamaha(at Bhargava's). These guys mostly deal in spare parts and repairs. I think that's their USP.

    Music Square - (YAMAHA DEALERS)
    Okay I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this shop or not. It's in the same row as Bharat, OnStage , Rangarsons. I didn't enter this shop in my earlier visits to Lajpat since from the outside, you feel the shop only deals in Keyboards / Pianos. However, I was wrong. The guy is a YAMAHA distributor and he supplies the instruments to all the other shops (even Bhargava's, at least he said!). The basement has A LOT of guitars. They knew what they were selling. I asked for the same YAMAHA model I had played at Bhargavas (FG-700 series) and almost at once the attendant described the guitar and why it was awesome (and he didn't even have it in stock!). They told me their shipment was going to come in another 2 weeks, took down my number and told me they'd called me. I spoke to the owner and asked for the best price, told him what Bhargava's was offering and he said, he can negotiate only after he gets the shipment. But he seemed open for negotiation, which was great!! He quoted me about 900 more than what Bhargavas quoted but said the reason for the lower cost at Bhargava's was because they had "purana maal" (old stock), which is kindda true because I remember inquiring if they had a BRAND new piece (in case I decided to buy) and they did not.

    Bharat Music House -
    Hmmmmm, so I've bought all my instruments from this shop till date, I've referred everyone I know to go to them and its been almost 10 years. But now I've realized , they are toooooo expensive (I know , took me 10 years :p). The Yamaha that I checked out at Bhargavas and Music Square (I await their shipment), was being sold by Bharat at almost 5000 extra than both those shops. I was quite astonished after he quoted the price to me. I told him that the others were giving it for 5K lesser and he whipped out his Price List (making deliberate efforts to hide it from me), took his calculator and punched some numbers (again hid it from me) and finally looked up and said, "Nahin, ho hi nahin sakda" (No, It can't be possible). "Oh logee tuaanoo kuch hor vech rahe hain" (Those guys are selling you something else). Well, he kept saying that and 10 years of my association with them ENDED in a flicker. Anyway, in case you're looking to buy "ARIA" guitars, then you will find a GOOD stock at Bharat. However, you MUST negotiate like crazy!

    I'm going to visit "Furtados" Ambience Gurgaon once. Their shop is a collaboration between FURTADOS and MUSIC SQUARe. In fact the name of the shop is "MUSIC SQUARE". Hopefully, I'll find the guitars I'm looking for or a better one. I'm just concerned about the price. Being in a mall and everything they're bound to be costlier :(. But if they throw in a nice COVER , a few picks and a Strap , I wouldn't mind paying that extra "1000".

    Anyway to conclude, I know that I went late to these shops and probably that's why the service was poor but it shouldn't be that way!
  11. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Typical of that store. Secret price lists and "Kuch aur bech rahe". These *******s behave like it's potatoes they're selling you. No respect for the customer and his business. If some guy tried to pull this shit on my face I'd walk out of the store in 2 seconds and never return (As a matter of fact this is exactly what I did at Bharat when I went there last time. They tried to pull some rip-off shit on me and I said goodbye).
    The reason they do this bullshit about 5k mark-ups is because they don't believe in the concept of a recurrent customer. They just want to sell you a guitar, rape you on the deal, run away with the money and never deal with you again. This is the sort of store which quotes you a price, waits patiently through the negotiation and at the end charges you extra for your guitar case (I've seen this happen at Bharat).

    If you live in Delhi, avoid Bharat at all costs.
  12. flood

    flood New Member

    what's the deal with the sticker? never heard of anything like that.

    the only things i've bought in the country so far are: strings, ghs fast fret, and an acoustic. i've pretty much made up my mind not to buy anything here (although i would be open to byuing at bhargava's bandra). will save up and buy stuff on trips abroad.

  13. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    At Bhargavas Delhi, they wait till you've negotiated everything, bought the guitar and are signing the check and then tell you they need to stick a sticker on the face of the guitar. Their line is "If you want a three year warranty, you have to accept the sticker, otherwise we'll give you a one-year warranty".

    They won't stick it anywhere else, they want it on the front. The guy says "We want our store to be advertised when you play live". Well, **** you buddy. Too bad I can get a three year warranty from Furtados without any sticker bullshit.
  14. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    I seriously don't understand where these stores get off pulling this crap while not giving anything in return. If you were slicing the price by 2k and wanting to put a sticker it would be understandable. But the stores in Delhi all charge roughly the same for the instruments.

    I think by far the most important thing a guy needs to do is go to multiple stores before buying a guitar. At least three. Thankfully many stores are clustered together in Lajpat Nagar.

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