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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by DrSaurabh, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    i guess as a guitarist stage presence is as important as ur playing skills....if u ask me one of the most amazng performers i ve seen till date has to be angus young from AC/DC , what with his jumping and rolling..actually slash is pretty amazing too..though in his case its moe of a trance he goes into....pete town shed...jimi hendrix...this guys are a joy to watch......
    who do you guys think is the most amazing guitarist to watch
  2. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

    I was amazed watching steve vai live. I saw malmsteem and satriani the same day - yngwei was a loose cannon, spinning and kicking and throwing picks every 5 seconds. Satriani looked too modest... but vai had an amazing stage presence - and an amazing smile! If I was a girl, I would've fallen in love.. or maybe I didn't have to be a girl.. maybe I already did.. um.. deviating...
    I think stage presence is rated differently by different people - jumping and rolling and lotta action might appeal to some, but to me its the aura and feeling of comfort and confidence a player brings to the stage that matters - and Vai ruled there!
  3. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Jason Newsted :rock: Watch Cunning Stunts... Talking About stage presence, Dave Mustain Woodstock is something you must watch..

    Also You got to watch out for Mike Portnoy in his Concerts.. Kicks real a^&..

    If yo uare looking for energy watch SOAD..

    And best guitarist to watch for me would be John Petrucci...

    Also How many of you guys show attitude while singing and playing and stuff.. I do loads of such stuff..
  4. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Among guitarists I would say Steve Vai. Overall, no one can beat Bruce Dickinson.
  5. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Guitarist, i would say Angus Young. And though i hate him i have to say Fred durst really gets the crowd rocking.
  6. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Forgot Mr. Air Raid Siren..
  7. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    He's the king when it comes to live performances.
  8. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    YOu should see my band then..
  9. abhay_saxena

    abhay_saxena Lord of the strings

    fred surst to me sucks.. . . jason and james make metallica rock in performances. .. check out cunning stunts and live shit. .. especially the bass solos and the song for whom the bell tolls
  10. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Live shit is ok. .Check out Cunning Stunts .. And Kirk Hammet sucks tooo..
  11. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Kirk Hammett was a good guitarist (although extremely overrated) and it would be wrong to say otherwise. But he has degraded and changed a lot.

    Whats the name of your band, jay?
  12. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    I was talking about his Stage Prescence..

    My band name is Neurosis
    My college Band is Myth - We use wireless mics and guitars.. SO these guys mess aorund really well.. I play drums.. Half standing.. I can play double bass even when i'm standing..
  13. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    cool... i am completely rotten at drums.

    anyways, Hansi Kursch is another person with amazing stage presence.
  14. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Of which band??
  15. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    Jason Boobsted from Stunning *Cunts :)
  16. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    Hasni is the singer from blind guardian!!! he owns
    just listen to the crowd follow him on their acoustic songs
  17. Gai

    Gai New Member

    Angus young for sure.chek out his highway to hell.....he totally gets into the he rocks..........even Kiss...u have to agree...they have an astounding energy in their shows...steve morse has his own kind of presence...that of extreme focus....its intense especially the live version of smoke on the water...
  18. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Demonstealer knows what Im talking about... Tho Hansi isn't one of the best live singers I've seen, he's got tremendous crowd support all the time, especially during songs like Bard's Song and Valhalla. If you can try to listen to Bard's Song (live) from the album The Forgotten Tales. They even have single The Bard's Song with 5 live versions of the song.
  19. Gn'rlies

    Gn'rlies New Member

    i'm totally biased towards slash here ..... i think it's really a meaneat to match axl rose when he's going over board with his antics but slash always held his own ... and those riffs ..... they have a stage presence of their own ...... :) ... watch him going completely crazy in dont cry on top of the skyscaper or hold centerstage on top the piano in november rain ...... or any solo in the november rain or sweetchild o' mine videos .... i have a few live recordings of some GNR concerts ... that guy certainly rocks ...
  20. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    I will check out Hansi.. Noosstead Rulez though..

    Stage Prescence and Slash?? The Dont Cry is a Video.. YOu cant call it stage prescence.. Then chack out Memory Remains by Metallica.. They are on a Huge swing Lol... Or I Disappear.. They play in a place where Amps and stuff can vitually not work.. And Only the drum sound should have been hurt..

    Check out Salman Khan in Oh Oh Jaaane Jaaana then :p

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