More FriendShip......More Friend-END-ship

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  1. sara_131

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    FRnds make me sad....frnds make me Mad...frnds can't make me bad...
    Bcause i'm Bad...
    the words i use as jokes are the same they use for scolds...!!!
    My frnds dont like 2 talk with me..but they like to scold me.....
    they njoy scolding mee....but i never scold them bcause they r my FRNDS..
    the voice which said'' u are my frnd '' is now saying '' u are worst ''..
    enemies r not dangerous..but the one who becomes our enemy after experiencing our frnd ship is dangerous...
    more frnds dosen't make FRIENDSHIP
    it truly makes FRIEND-END-SHIP...
    be happy with the one u get and not the 100 u loose...!!!!!
  2. pakeeza1990

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    friends are always the great gift of Allah for its Creation and we are so lucky that the Almighty has given us so many friends in our life
  3. Maxnumar

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    More FriendShip More Friend END ship

    Thank you MaryO for your reply.
    Gee, thats too bad because there are some great entries there and not many know about them, but--oh well At least I made a stab at asking.

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