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  1. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    This is my tribute to Lord_Neo.....

    Chords of some songs by :

    1] Nachiketa

    * Bhenge Jay Biswas : Dm/G/F/C/Bm/G/A/Dm...
    * Rajasree [Part-1] : Am/G/Am/G..Am/G/F/G...E..Am...
    * Poulomi : C/G/F/C...Am/F/G/F/G/C...C/G/F/C/G/F/G/C....

    2] Anjan Dutta

    * Neel : G/C/G/D....G/Am/C/D...C/Am/D/G...
    * Keu Gaan Gaye : G.../D/G...D/G..G/C/G..C/G/C/G/D/G...
    * Chapta Golap : A/E/A/D/Bm/E/A...Bm/A/Bm/E/Bm/A/Bm/D/A...
    * Niye Ja : E/B...G#/D#..A/B/A/E..A/B/A/B/A/B...E
    * Mary Ann :A/C#m/Bm/E...A/C#m/E/Bm/D/A
    * Raju-Rani-Rambo :D/A/D/G/D..Bm/A/Bm/A/Bm/A/G/A/D..Bm/G/A/D
    * Duto Manush : D/A/G/D...Bm/D/Bm/A/D/G/D/A
    * Calcium : A/D/E/A...Bm/D/E/A...A/D/E/A....
    * Jachche Chole : D/Bm/D/A/G/A/D...

    3] Rabindra Sangeet

    * Bhora Thak Smriti Sudhay : F/C/Bb/C/F..F/C/Bb/C/Bb/C/Bb/C7.../F
    * Aji Jhorojhoro : C/G/C/G/F/C...
    * Purano Sei : C/Am/F/G..

    7] Kishore Kumar

    * Aaj Ei Dintake :Em/D/Dsus4/C/B...B/D/C/B/Em...


    * Ei to Jibon :D5/A5 [THE LEAD]..then...A/C#m/F#m/G...A/G/A...

    Now Some more of Bands :

    1] Parashpathar
    i) Mon Amar : G/Em/C/D

    2] Cactus
    i) Holud Pakhi :E/B/A/F#M....

    3] Mohiner Ghoraguli
    i) Hai Bhalobashi : A/C#m/Bm/F#/Bm/D/E/A.....
    ii) Prithibita Naki : Bm/A/..C/G/Bm...
    iii) Tomay Dilam :Am/G/F/E7....C/G/F/E7...Am
  2. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Thank you for the honour! Is it possible to post each of these tabs in different threads?
  3. taquila

    taquila New Member

    One song per thread.. as it should be.

    Yes, I was also thinking of it. First of all, if you post all these songs in one thread, we won't get enough place to discuss them. Second thing is, later on people won't find them in the future.

    We are not in Hurry, Arindam Da. We want to learn slowly. Every time we are amazed with your incredible Guitar capacity and knowledge. And we also understand that you may not have time to create CHORD CHART of each song. May be you want to give it a quick boost. But still, please take your time, and post them one by one.

    Alternatively, any one of us can take one song at a time from Arindam Da's list, create a proper "chord chart" with full lyrics for that song and post them in a fresh thread giving proper acknowledgement to original author Arindam Da. This can make Arindam da's work a bit easy.

    Personally I can do it if people around here (including Arindam Da and Admin) allow me. But my exams are starting from 1st Dec, so I am a little bit busy now. After I finish I can work here to create new threads for Arindam da's postings. But till then, Arindam Da, please don't post this kind of thread any more.

  4. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Iam sorry !

    Well....well...well....Iam sorry Pal!! I won't post any thread again.
  5. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    One more thing....Guys plz do carry on with this we have earned this! Goodbye!
  6. taquila

    taquila New Member

    No Arindam Da, We have not told u to stop posting threads.

    Please DO post new songs, but POST ONLY ONE SONG PER THREAD.
  7. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Arindam, where did you get that we are against you posting threads? I think you totally misunderstood us, please continue with your posting. You are doing a great Job!
  8. taquila

    taquila New Member

    I have a few questions..

    1. Mon amar..
    Being a newbie, I have very bad concets about SCALES. So please correct me where I am wrong. The fact is that, I knew "Mon amar - Paroshpathor" was based on following progression- C, Am, G, F. You have given, G, Em, C, D. Ok I think, both of these progressions are similar and the only difference is the SCALE. So is this song is in the G scale? Or C scale? I am asking you because, in case of "Coffee House Song.." I started that with D major scale [D, G, Am] and you told me to start it with C because, you told me that, the song is originally in the C scale. You also told me that most people have B, C etc. scales. So based on that concept, how can this "Mon amar.." start with G scale?

    Or did i misunderstood something?

    2. Antara of Purano Sei Diner..
    I suppose, C,Am,F,G,C is the mukhra part. Can u please post the Antara chord combinations also?
  9. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    ARINDAMDA, plz get in touch!!

    Arindamda mone hoi offended hoyechen....
    Hey Arindamda, turn up fast man! we r hosting the only site in this vast cyberspace that has Bengali chords...I don't think we shud give it up so easily!!]

    Aamra Banglar can we stoop down to such small and petty things!! heh!heh!
  10. taquila

    taquila New Member

    Right Atul.
    We all need Arindam Da. And I know that, being our 'Dada', he can not stay being offended to us..!!!
    Hope, he will take his time and come up with new songs..
  11. Revolutionary

    Revolutionary New Member

    Need Chords

    can any body send me some Chords of nachiketa(without Nilanjana 1 or rajosri, venge jay biswas)? please..........try to send new chords
    PAGLA JOGAI, or JOKON SOMOY tomke dray..........
    I need ém really.
    :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:
  12. kool_breeze

    kool_breeze New Member


    Arindam has quit IGT. The message was communicated by him in another thread. At that time I didn't understand why he was qutting an open forum. While going through this thread I got some sort of a clue (I wish I am wrong).

    However, I could not find any reason why he should feel offended. The words used by LordNeo and Taquila purely reflect the respect IGT guyz have for him and nothing else.

    A forum is a platform where we can learn and discuss and voice our decisions. We do not know each other, and maybe will never know either in the near future. We are here to share our ideas and knowledges so that it can be beneficial for others.

    I dont know you Arindam, but if you ever come across IGT again, I would request you to reconsider your decision.

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    loooooook at the thread date s.uckers...~~~~!!!!

    arindam da chole gechilo, kintu abar kobe fire eseche coz amar sorry bolechi.....arindam da ekhon like family member, purono manus.and he is da GURUDEB!
  14. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Similarly egulor TAB s gulo o post kor na parle....thik ager moton...jegulo hoye geche....segulo baad.....Aaj ei dintake ta baad diye kor....ota ami kore debo..otar original hobe Bm....oi same...amar singer ota Em..(mane C te gaito)....
  15. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Purono thread niye aabar ghanta ghanti. Bhalo.
  16. buddy_cris

    buddy_cris New Member

    o pashani chords and lyrics...

    I am buddy, and a strangers in this world i am in now...
    I hope there is kind-hearted someone over here that can help me...
    I am phil... but i need a chord and lyrics of "O pashani" sung by ASIF.
    Help help me...
    or better reach me out with my e-mail ad:
    thank you so much and more power!!!!
  17. inboxofrahul

    inboxofrahul New Member

    can any one please upload the notes for "OI JE DEKHO DINER AALO FHOTE" by satyajit ray.please need it urgently
  18. powertheprith

    powertheprith New Member

    i want cords for conductor by chandril bhattyacharya
  19. rajusahantc

    rajusahantc New Member

    Dear Arindam da

    ami ekjon new commer ei forum e. Ami onek khuje dekh lam ekhanei hoito ami kichu help pete pari. Ami Salil choudhury r kichu purano bangla gaaner chord composition chaichi. jamon. Ujjal Ek jhank payra - sung by Sandhya mukherjee, or Aahaoi Oi Anka banka Pothey - Shyamal Mitra. Tumi ki ektu help korte parbe amake ei byapare?

    Thanks in advnace

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