Morbid Angel- Eyes to See, Ears To Hear

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    Track 3 from their Domination album!

    Eyes To See, Ears To Hear

    [Music: Rutan/Azagthoth/Lyrics: Vincent]

    Darkness - swallowing all in its path
    The blind leading the blind and the "flock" is ever confused
    Who has the gift of healthy sight and mind
    Who can withstand while the others are blown away?

    Eyes to see...what the others see not
    Ears to hear...the voice of the elders guides
    Eyes to see...and the blind; they wither away
    You fools! These eyes are never for you

    Darkness - corrupting all in its path
    Greed leading the man to blindness, suffering
    And ever foretold...the meek shall have this earth
    Alas without sight they will only be left with demise

    Worlds apart are they and I
    My world remains in sight
    Their lives - despair
    The "I's" and "They's" cannot compare
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    Awesome stuff. To be honest i love everything except the vocals. The drumming... the guitars....just awesome.

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