"Mora Saiyaan"Fuzon utube cover

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  1. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    well...i 've watched so many singers singing dis song..n everytime i heard them..i wished i cud sing dis song like they did....I tried earlier but I find it very difficult to sing as I m not trained...i hope tht's a considerable excuse..lol...anyways...sung it frm the heart...

  2. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    it says the video is set to private
  3. paggarwal75

    paggarwal75 New Member

    Yes, can't view it.....
  4. absolutely_neo

    absolutely_neo New Member

    privte.. set it as public in your my uploads section on youtube account
  5. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

  6. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    I don't think i heard a better version of this song man, this is just an excellent effort, i watched it a few times, i just can't get enough of it!!!
    Very, very good vocals and good guitaring aswell. Its a pity you didn't record the whole song, just waiting for the whole version man!
    Keep going man and keep surprising us with your excellent works!!!
    Take care man and keep posting!
  7. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    @Keoraf ....Thanks yaar!....i really didn't expect such comments!...I still think my singing is Kacchha in dis song... it's very hard to sing while playing...plus i haven't practiced it enough...but thanks a lot!! for urs encouragement.. wud make me want to work harder!....have fun..
  8. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    o yeah!...plz don't feel pity...i'll do the whole song..but it'll take time...it's such a beautiful song but equally dificult n i won't want to make a mess of it...hey! i have just started my vocal classes...So it 'll help...hope so..
  9. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    There are two important things when someone is trying to sing, at least in my opinion, the Sur and the feelings someone is able to add in his/her voice. Those 2 things you are doing very well, you just have it in you(i hope you understand what i'm trying to say). Your "Kachcha voice" what you were talking about, i think the majority here (including me!) should be proud of themself if they would have such a "Kachcha voice"! Ofcourse you should practise to make it perfect and its very good to hear you are taking singing classes, it will really improve your singing and some day, if you seriously want to be a singer, you could be a professional singer cause you have the capabilties to be one!!!
    I would loved it to make a song along with you, i've made some songs, they are present on my soundclick page, http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=645920 , just visit it and tell me if there is any song you want to sing, i then will send you the instrumental (except the own compositions cause i made those songs along with 2 other IGT-ians, Parry and Rakesh, so without their permissions i can't allow others to sing those songs)!
    Just think about it and let me know if you are in to try some things out!

    Take care man!!!!
  10. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    Hey!!..it wud my pleasure 2 work with you....i have just checked ur songs on soundclick...i liked 'em a lot...you apppear to be a good music arranger..."Pal" by kk is awesome..i wud love to do it...and i loved a girls version of dis song ....she sounds gr8..... ...so..do you have a studio or you arrange 'em in ur pc....i also noticed guitars n tabla apart from keyboard...do u play 'em?.....

    ....OK!..i do sing with a lot of feelings n it really feels gr8 when someone thinks the same way....I hearty appreciate you for taking ur time to comment on my singing....thanks once again....Nice to meet you fren!!

    take gr8 care!!
  11. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Hey, thanks you liked my songs and also thanks for taking time to listen to my songs.
    I am a music arranger yes, but a good one? No i don't think so, its just a hobby of mine and i just try to the best i can!
    All the instruments you hear are just played by myself on the keyboards, the sounds are coming from virtual instruments, VST-Instruments and VST-plugins called! Just read my sticky to know how i make my arrangements!
    So you want to try out Pal, the Karaoke version is already present on my soundclick page, just download it and give it a try. This version is played 3 notes lower than the original version, just because the female singer, Reecha, sung it in this scale and its just a small part of this song too! If the scale is a prob, just tell me and i'll transpose it into the original key!
    Just record your vocals, a plain record without any kind of effects or backrground sounds and save it as a mp3 file! Use your headphone for listening to the karaoke version and record just your vocals and send it to me, i'll PM you my email-address! Ofcourse you should try to sing it the best you can, i mean your Sur, Taal and the feelings, passion and emtions needed for this song, i think you know what i'm trying to say!
    After that i'll mix all the tracks as i'll send it back to you as i'll upload it on my Soundclick page aswell!
  12. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    O....vst!..i didn't know they produce tht reallistic sounds of guitar....listen..i luved the way u add synth to a song..it's very supporting to vocals...it's fantastic...u r good at it!...don't sell urself short!!..hehe

    Hey... I already downloaded ur songs...I did feel Pal is transposed...I wud like to have it on standard scale...n have u done the full version of dis song?...plz send me the trasposed version as Sap....tc
  13. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    No unfortunately i didn't finished this project yet, maybe i'll try to complete this version as soon as possible!
    You didn't replied my PM yet, just check your PM box and send me your email-address. I've already updated the instrumental version of Pal in the original key, the E major scale, so you can download it from my soundclick page!
  14. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

  15. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    So now we will have a brand new song collaborated by two igtians....
    Great going pals....looking forward for the new version.
    Best wishes to both.
  16. anstrangelover

    anstrangelover New Member

    well...thanx Parry...
    @keoraf...hey! i have downloaded it from ur page..but..i m gonna need some time to recover from cold n sore throat...hope it's not Swine flu..hehe
  17. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Just take the time needed to recover fully from your cold and yeah, i also hope you didn't got the Swine's flu!
    Take care man and get well soon!!!
  18. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member


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