Moora - Robert Styles & Sneha (Gangs Of Wasseypur - II)

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    There is an unanswered post already there about it; however I thought I'll start anew with a bit more detail.

    This is rather an unpopular track from a rather unappreciated yet awesome movie; anyhow the artists are Robert S. & Sneha K.; the song goes by the title Moora, there is another version without Robert (I guess).

    Well this version starts with an two amazing riffs played simultaneously; both of them are "awesome"; I am not able to get the tabs for this. May I request the pros to be kind enough and share the tabs.

    Here is the song Moora (FULL SONG)- Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 - Sneha Khanwalkar .wmv - YouTube
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    Anyone please :)

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