mohiner ghoraguli in encyclopedia.......

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    Mohin'er ghoraguli ROCKS!!:) LEFTY you have 999 post..:beer:

    Mohiner ghoraguli is the first ever bangla band.. they rule..:) They can beat any one in our time and time ahead of us!!:beer:


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    durr mal......aro 5 ta baki........joddio ekbar korechi complete.......cmn some more feed back plz
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    This is great!!! They are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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    ^^^^^^^messenger kholo kotha ache........
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    Duronto post !!!!!!! :rockon:
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    ReQ: Chords for Bhalobashi Jochhonae by Mohiner Ghorguli

    I am amazed by the works done by you people. Great work and great site to surf and see the love for music........ and of course the chords.
    anyway, i cannot understand how to interpret the tablature as i can understand this is for the the advanced guitarists, but still if anyone of you can take the pain to explain or refer to something that can help me understand how to read tablature..........i would be grateful..... specially arindam da..... if you can do something for me.
    going through the forum for last few weeks, it seems that fossil, lakkhichhara are famous bands in kolkata, but unfortunately i can't find any song of these bands in Dhaka. we can only find bhumi, one album of cactus (which includes Holud pakhi)and mohiner ghorguli here.

    anyway, if any one can post the chords for "Bhalobashi Jochhonae" by Mohiner Ghoraguli, i would highly appreciate that.

    Thanks guys, and great work.

    I don't think i will be able to contribute too much in this forum, but i will be in this forum that's for sure unless the moderator or administrator blocks me or something.......


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    lrb is here man.................ayub bhai......

    ar tab ekdom soja, better dan stuff.......

    new thread kore bolo for chords.....
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    Tab kichhui na. Line gulo hochhe kon string bajano hochchhe. Number gulo hochchhe kon Fret.'h' ba 'ho' is hammer on. 'p' or 'po' is pulloff. '^' is half bend & '^^' is full bend.

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    good ................2 lainei tab bojhano ses...........sallla ei na hole banglai??:grin:

    ar sala american site gulo teh 15 page dhore bujhiye jacche ki kore pore ta.......
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    Aami sob kichhu bolini. Asole nije onekdin tab porchhi na bole sob moneo nei. Aabar tab pora suru korle mone porbe.

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