Mizraab: Meri terhan Intro

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    tabber: me..quadrophenia.

    intro power chords..

    G5,A5,B5, C#5..in between while returning to the G5 chord..theres a deep slide noise..i think hes playing F5 and then slides to G5 (when he says..''meray liyey'')

    strum pattern: down strums..all the way through..

    in the verses.. (acoustic picking) all i cud hear was a Dm chord being picked and I THINK NOT SURE..about 50% sure.. a F chord is being picked....

    and then he plays a C5

    and then comes the intro sequence again..

    G5,A5,B5, C#5..

    keep repeating until u get to the solo..at that point u sos :help: :p:


    corrections..suggestions.. additions..SOLOS..most welcome!

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