Mismatched for Hell

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    A goddess of war,
    A slave of tyranny,
    once fell in love.
    They said: Its not destiny;
    Prophesised disasters,
    Mismatched for hell.
    Bad omens, worse fate,
    only the devil would sell.

    But love hears no one but love,
    and the days passed by.
    As hatred filled the earth,
    and anger filled the sky.

    But they went on,
    as pleasurable moments turned sour.
    And war disrupted every peace,
    sorrow lasted an eternity.
    They went unnoticing the darkness,
    their togetherness cast upon
    the earth, someday the broken
    pieces shall take revenge.

    The slave gave up slavery,
    for the love so profound.
    Still unaware of harmonies,
    he had disrupted around.

    The war thus killed everyone, good and bad,
    no one to praise nor critisize.
    Their love still unharmed,
    with graves for their prize.
    They understood where they went wrong,
    Prophesies were'nt so wrong after all.
    A couple mismatched for hell,
    But who prevents destiny's call?

    Is'nt it awesome, that weird wisecracks we occasionally take for nerds, preach couples their relationship aint gonna last long,
    But ahhhh.....lovers....they neva listen, carry on, hurting everyone in the way.....finally to realise they were wrong....alas......the damage is done
    too late

    I set this up in a fantasy world cuz I dint wanna share the true story ;)

  2. this was awsome... i wounder most times ur prespective is famenine... anyways ...the plot was fresh and i feel u can put up some more on the same lines
  3. horsesmouth

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    yea, right, me too thought it was feminine, the characters were named as how they would describe the other, not themselves.....like the guy thinks the gal is aggressive like a war goddess, n the gal thinks the boy is sheepish, listens to others.....so both try to change n destroy everything around, only to finally break up
  4. ^ ur good with such ideas ... i dont get any :(
  5. horsesmouth

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    good joke.....
    u do mate, difference is tht u dont polish-up, I mean, u just leave raw thoughts for us to understand, repair ur thoughts, grammar n punctuations really add up hugely to the effect.....u're better than me in all points: thoughts, comparisions, n figures of speech(exceptionally good), m very poor at this thingie!!
  6. ^ nope im not tat gud even....soo average everywhere even in height :(

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