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    as i stare in that mirror.. those pieces of sheer glass
    which shows just my reflection..with no status..with no class
    i stare in intently..tryina figure out my own self
    deep inside as i gaze outside..i try to keep quite. ..i count till twelve
    i follow my shadows in d deep darkness
    i walk with fear..avoiding all brightness
    i don't want them to know the real me..
    but i question the mirror...is dat wat i'll ever be
    it doesn't relly answer back..but i know it shoes me the reality
    it doesn't connect me with nybody..it doesn't fiege ignorance..it ain't no fantasy
    as i stare in dat mirror..those peices of sheer glass
    it shoes just my reflection..with no status..with no class
  2. gud one i liked it ...no status no class... like the mirror had layers of facebook ....lol
  3. nandy0894

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    haha :p thnx.. :)

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