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    Linkin Park Count the 'Minutes to Midnight'
    by M. Tye Comer


    Fans chomping at the bit for Linkin Park's third album will have to wait a little bit longer -- specifically until May 15, when 'Minutes to Midnight' hits shelves. But the band assures fans that the new material will be worth the four-year wait.

    "We have put more into the new album than anything we have ever done before," said bassist Dave " Phoenix " Farrell in a recent press release. The band spent over 14 months in the studio and wrote more than 100 demos for the album, which vocalist Mike Shinoda sees as "a breakthrough in the development of the band's sound. We wrote in new ways, and used instruments and equipment we hadn't experimented with before, from vintage guitars and amps to mellotron to Rick's original 808 drum machine he used on the Beastie Boys first record. We tried to question every step in our songwriting process." Producer Rick Rubin agreed. "They really are reinventing themselves, it doesn't sound like rap-rock," he There's very strong songwriting. It's very melodic...a progressive record."

    The album's first single, 'What I've Done,' will be released worldwide on April 2. Fans can also anticipate the launch of LPTV, a series of webisodes that can be viewed on www.linkinpark.com, in the coming weeks. The series will focus on "unseen footage of the history of Linkin Park , building up to an inside look at the studio experience of the new album," says Farrell.

    Linkin Park will also headline the second day of this summer's Bamboozle music festival on May 6 in New Jersey before embarking on a headlining European tour in June. Next month, the band expects to announce plans for "a summer tour with an un-missable lineup," says Shinoda.

    VIDEO OF WHAT I've done

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    LINKIN PARK - WHAT I'VE DONE [2007], CD single

    'What I've Done' is the lead single from Linkin Park's up and coming third album 'Minutes To Midnight'. It had its first radio play on April 1st 2007, and was digitally released on April 2nd 2007.

    DJ Joe Hahn of the band directed the video for the single, which was shot in the California desert. It features the band performing in the desert, while reflecting on a variety of social issues including global warming, famine, war and destruction.
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    I still don't expect LP to do better than what they have already done...
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    u mean hybrid theory?
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    and Meteora...
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    well..................if this songs the pattern of the album........................their going political like ratm.........sumwat atleast

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