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  1. deathdr_87

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    Well, im sure a large number of you'll play minesweeper...

    heres a chance to psot ur best times and discuss the game or wtv... i lvoe it - its so simple yet so addictive!!!

    expert - 60 seconds.
    intermediate - 25 seconds.
    beginner - (share with my sister) 7 seconds - records in her name coz she did it first.

    ok pls. e honest here.

    i did the 60 second game by not amrking any mines with right clicks and ehnce saving loads of time. ive only managed to fisnih one game using that strategy and thats the one which got me the time of 60 seconds.

    normally i mark all miesn and i end up with a time of approx 80 seconds.
  2. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    its kinds wierd game.i dont even get how to do thing .all i know is that as the number gows increasing theres an clear indication of bomb nearby!
    my sister really made some hell of a record.she mastere this wierdo game!

    heres her scores::

    begginer >>> 10 seconds
    intermediate >>> 46 seconds
    xpert >>> 129 seconds


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