Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi(Aashiqui 2) Guitar Chords

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    Song- Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi
    Film- Aashiqui 2
    Lyrics- Irshad Kamil
    Music- Jeet Ganguly
    Singer- Arijit


    Intro- (B5)..(E5)..(B5)..(D5)..(B5)..(E5)..(G5)..(F#m)

    (Bm)Milne hai mujhse aayi
    (Abar)phir jaane kyun tanhaayi
    (Gbar)kis mod pe hai laayi aashi(F#)qui (D)Ho..Oo

    (Bm)Khud se hai ya khuda se
    (Abar)iss pal meri ladayi
    (Gbar)kis mod pe hai laayi aashi(F#)qui

    {(Bm)Ho..Oo (D)Oo..(A)Oo..Oo (G)Oo..Oo (A)Oo..Oo}-[2 times]

    (Abar)Aashiqui baazi hai taash (Bm)ki..
    ..toot(Abar)te bante vishwaas (Gbar)ki

    Milne mujhse aayi part repeat

    (Bm)Jaane kyun main (Abar)Sochta hoon
    (Gbar)khali sa main (F#m)ek raasta hoon
    (Bm)tune mujhe Kahin (Abar)kho diya hai
    (Gbar)ya main khud (F#m)lapata hoon

    (A)Aa dhund le tu phir mu(Em)jhe..(A)..
    ..kasmein bhi doon toh kya tu(Em)jhe..(A)

    (Abar)Aashiqui baazi hai taash (Bm)ki..
    ..toot(Abar)te bante vishwaas (Bm)ki..

    Guitar Solo(Rhythm Part)-(Gbar)..(F#m)..(Fbar)..(Em)..(Abar)..(Bm)

    rest ot the song is same

    courtesy-jimihndrx(IGT's own Guitar Hero)

    -All the thankless Youtube uploaders! If You are using these chord progression for making ur guitar Cover/Tutorial..Than Please remember to mention the source.
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    I didn't try any chords submitted by you but you are always first in posting any chords. And I think your work is always accurate and original.
    I don't have words to praise you. Great work :)
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    Nice song and nice chord too, keep on
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    That was flattering..these kind of words always motivate me to do better..Thanks a lot!
  5. jimihndrx

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    thanks Man...
  6. jimihndrx

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    Perfect interpretation for this song. Dont go to OR ACG guitar.
    They all are crap so their ADMIN.
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