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    ok Im new to this electric gutiar nd amp thing...so i dont know what is "mid" knob on my amp..my amp has crunch bass trble nd "mid"..what is mid??
  2. guitardoctor

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    Mids = mid range frequencies. Try using it and seeing the effect on tone... Although it has sorta less effect than highs or lows...
  3. rickkkyrich

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    Some additional info:
    from 0 to 150Hz it's low's
    from 150 to 1khz it's mids
    from 1k to 6-7k is hi mids
    7k to 20k is highs


    ohhkk!! gimme more insights...like on what setting of mid..the tone sounds best??for blues nd metal?
  5. rickkkyrich

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    Use your ears... moreover with the amp mid you can hardly do much..
  6. flood

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    huh. bullshit.
  7. rickkkyrich

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    ^WoW...Now i would love an explanation on that one.. maybe after your explanation i'll drop the idea of buying an EQ pedal.. :p:
  8. alpha1

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    Actually, what you are talking about is correct wrt to a hi-fi amp.

    But for guitar amps, these are the usual figures for EQ peaks:
    1. Low/bass = 120Hz

    2. Mids = 500Hz-900Hz <= this shifting of peak is done via contour knob or parametric controls

    3. High/treble = 3500Hz.

    Everything in guitar tone above 6000Hz is anyway discarded - because its just sizzle.

    The bass amps are usually one octave down in the Low/bass adjustment knob - 60Hz.
    Rest is usually the same.

    The tone contour knob allows you to change the tone character of your amp.
    So when you use mids to boost 400-1200 it sounds very different from boosting mids of 800-2400.

    Honestly, most amps don't carry such elaborate controls.
    And this is the reason why many ppl use an EQ pedal, or a parametric EQ.

    But IMO, you should try to utilize the amp's tone, and not try to make a JCM800 sound like Rectifier.
    Better time spent would be on improving your playing skills.
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    But I'll only buy a Marshall JCM 800 if it can do Fender Twin Reverb cleans.
  10. flood

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    oh, don't do that. the two are complementary.
  11. alpha1

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    get a POD :help:

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