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    Bit Tech have a nice article on what was said at Microsofts X05 talks, this is basicaly the press release for MS, just as Apple have theirs ... Check it out, they have some cool pics and Facts etc...
    The key facts from X05

    There were plenty of Microsoft executives on hand to talk about the console. These included Corporate VPs Peter Moore and J Allard, as well as Robbie Bach, Chief Xbox Officer. There was plenty of new information on offer, with many of the titbits we've posted below originally appearing on Eurogamer and GameInformer.

    Backwards compatibility is still be worked on. The Xbox 360 will use game-specific emulation profiles to achieve compatibility with popular Xbox games. These profiles will require the hard drive, and the console will ship with a number of these profiles already on the drive, with more being made available for download for as long as there is demand. New profiles will be auto-updated onto the drive.

    The first downloadable game for the 360 will be Marble Blast Ultra, an update to the Marble Blast title currently available on the Xbox Live Arcarde.

    There will be a bunch of content already insalled on the drive. This will include a custom soundtrack with some famous bands, as well as wallpapers and gamer icons for your Xbox Live Gamertag. There's a video showing the assembly of the X360 as well as Hexic - a puzzler by the creator of Tetris. This is in addition to the software already announced, namely, the Neon light synthesizer by Jeff Minter.

    J Allard suggested that he had thought of making a gesture-sensitive remote, like the Revolution controller, but dumped the idea after a lack of excitement from the development community. He mooted the idea of a simplified Xbox controller to help less experienced gamers, and noted that some 'casual' games in the Xbox Live Arcade would be playable with the Xbox 360 remote control.

    The Xbox will be a supported platform well into 2006 and possibly 2007, with content still being released through next year.

    Who could forget the news that the Halo movie will be produced with the hands of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and WETA?

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