Microsoft Windows Vista gets hit with a Virus

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by lord_neo, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Malicious code published recently allows hackers to attack on upcoming Windows Vista (Code name Longhorn). The code targets new command line shell named as MONAD or MSH.

    Monad is replacement of command line shell which can be seen in current version of windows. Command line shell allows users to interact with computer in textual commands. Monad is supposed to be more powerful than UNIX shells. Monad is capable of running more complex quarries from either keyboard or scripts.

    Microsoft planns to ship monad in Windows Vista enabled by default , this could make outbarke of attacks on Windows Vista.

    However Microsoft’s efforts can be exploited to make more and more viruses based on MSH scripts.
  2. shsnawada

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    Viruses screw all micosoft programs, doesnt matter if the programs exist or dont exist.
  3. apurbajd

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    "Monad is supposed to be more powerful than UNIX shells. Monad is capable of running more complex quarries from either keyboard or scripts." ---------------

    indeed!!!! Unlike the unix shell it gives the malicious coders a chance to explore its vulnearability........ As is the case with any other MS products ... all hype and all the gapes too..........
  4. jekyll

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    well i can make "virus" n worms outta linux shell script too :p:
    there is nothing so secure about a powerful tool

    u know there exists an open source scripting language known as Auto IT?
    it is priamrily used for testing n autoamtion purposes

    but u know i can make an internet worm, outlook hijacker, and a virus (all in one application) in 10-20 lines???

    can u belive it ? and the best thign is that the script need not be run as a script ... it can be complied and made into an exe file ... :shock:

    so whenever u make anything so powerful u always compromise on the security aspect
    as far as i know, the only reason why linux does not have virus is beacuse most of the dudes dont make 'em - and the reason why is coz:
    1. there are very few unix users in this world - so no pleasure is paining such a few ppl, when u can do the same to windows and trouble half the worl
    2. most of the unix users are quite profiecient and computer literate ...

    anyway i remember using a stack-buffer overflow program for becoming root in Linux, i think that bug was fixed in recent realeases of Linux, but the fact remains that other OS are also vulnerable as windows ...

    and kudos to windows for providing a powerful shelll ... now saala no need to write perl and AWK modules to get your task done ... everythign can be done by the inherent shell ...
    (i dunno whether this would be possible - but from the news it seems so)

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