Microsoft is in talks to buy a big stake in America Online

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by lord_neo, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Nasty memories have been stirred up by this week's reports that Microsoft is in talks to buy a big stake in America Online.

    And why not, last time when AOL was involved in a big deal, its $150 billion acquisition of Time Warner, a media giant, in January 2000, it soon came to symbolise the madness of Internet-company valuations, during the turn-of-the-century dotcom bubble.

    Nobody expects Microsoft to repeat the near-suicidal folly of Time Warner. But if there is any truth to market rumours that its purchase will value AOL, now a shadow of its old self, at over $20 billion, or about $1,000 per AOL subscriber, then the deal would certainly fuel fears that irrational exuberance is returning to the pricing of Internet-related firms.
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    huh just read .. bill is now worth 55.1 billion$ ... damn thats alot isnt it? .. no wonder they are buying all the big companies ...
    P.S: allen the other microsoft head is worth somthing like 22.6 billion$ or something .. cant rem for sure
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    bill is much powerful than bush!

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