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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by NuageOutlaw, Dec 1, 2003.

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    The Metallica family is saddened by the loss of our good friend and 'S&M' collaborator, Michael Kamen on Tuesday, November 18th. Michael lost his battle with multiple sclerosis at the age of 55.

    In addition to working with us on 'S&M,' Michael enjoyed a very successful career composing for films such as 'Lethal Weapon' and 'Die Hard.' He worked with Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, and many others pioneering the fusion of orchestral arrangements with rock, and is the winner of several Grammy Awards, including one for 'S & M.'

    'S&M' was Michael's idea, Michael's brainchild. He said he had always felt that our music lent itself to a collaboration with an orchestra, and from the time he approached us with the idea at that first breakfast meeting in 1997, to the day after the final mixes were complete on the record and the DVD, through the performances in Berlin, New York, and Las Vegas, we enjoyed two extremely fun, challenging, and creative years together. Michael will be missed by all of us, and will always remain an integral part of the Metallica family.

    Please join us in paying our respects to Michael and his family. If you would like to make a contribution in Michael's memory, the Kamen family asks that donations be made to the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. After composing the music for the film of the same name, Michael was inspired to do something to keep music alive in schools across the country, and through this foundation he has made it possible to continue to inspire and teach future generations of musicians. Donations may be made by mail, phone or online.

    - With Deep Regards

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    I didn't see this post before...

    Apart from his associations with all these artistes the article mentions I know of his get together with Bryan Adams on several occasions, one of which produced the mighty power ballad "(Everything I Do) I Do it for You" from the soundtrack of Kevin Costner's 1991 movie Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves.

    This track till quite some time held a guiness record for staying #1 in the UK charts for an amazing 16 weeks and is obviously one of the best songs Adams is remembered for.
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    Summer of 69 and everything i do...are his best. Though all his other songs are qite cool..too:)
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    Hadn't seen this thread before...

    Its sad... I really liked his Robin Hood work... :(

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