Mera Joota Hai Japani --- FINALLY REVEALED !!!!

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    Ok, so I searched whole blogs of net(including IGT) but didn't found the proper chords of the great song.
    So I decided to DECODE it.
    Lets PLAY IT FINALLY !!!! [I know u r excited enough as I am ;)]
    For this song you need to know the concept of palm deadening, I amn't elaborating here cuz u can google it easily.....
    I prefer playing this song with fingers and not with picks.
    Song is played in open chords Am, G, F, E and A.
    The Strumming pattern is Down(on first three strings) then Down on the other three strings(G, B and High E) and Palm Deaden Very FAST.
    You must understand that this strumming requires high speed(You can refer by listening the song).
    Strumming pattern is same in the whole song.

    INTRO : Am , G , F , E

    Mera Joota hai japani

    Yeh patloon Englishtani

    Sir pe lal topi Roosi

    Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani

    Nikal Pade hai khuli sadak pe

    Apna seena tane

    Apna seena tane

    Manzil kahan, kahan rukna hai

    Uparwala jaane

    Uparwala jaane

    Badte jaayen hum sailani, jaise ek dariya toofani

    Sar pe laal topi roosi phir bhi dil hai hindustani
    And so on...
    Cheers !
    PS I strongly recommend listening to the song.
    PSS PLEASE DON'T COPY Paste this cuz it is really frustrating :(
    PSSS In the Intro, you have to play each chord in the strumming 4 times each till the song starts.
    Any Queries? Feel Free to ask :D Let me know how it works ;)
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    Song- Mera Joota Hai Japani
    Film- Shree 420 (1955)
    Lyrics- Shailendra
    Music- Shankar-Jaikishen
    Singer- Mukesh

    Intro- {(F#m)..(C#)..(E)..(A)..(Bm)..(F#m)}-[2 times]

    {Mera (F#m)Joota hai Japani..Yeh patloon Inglishtani..
    ..Sar pe (Bm)laal topi (C#)Roosi..Phir bhi (D)dil hai Hindus(F#m)tani}-[2 times]

    (F#m)Nikal Pa(Bm)de hai (F#m)khulli sadak par
    (F#)Apna seena (F#m)taane..Aey.. (C#)Apna (D)seena (F#m)taane..(D)

    (F#m)Manzil ka(Bm)han ka(F#m)han rukna hai
    (F#)Uparwala (F#m)jaane..Aey.. (C#)Upar(D)wala (F#m)jaane..(D)

    Badte (F#m)jaayen hum sailani..jaise ek dariya toofani..
    ..Sar pe (Bm)laal topi (C#)Roosi..phir bhi (D)dil hai Hindus(F#m)tani

    rest is same

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  3. ImPeRiaL

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    But the strummings are mine !!!
    Also, according to my singing voice, these chords are for me...
  4. Smita7z

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    Thank you guys I'll definitely try them out :) (challenge for a beginner like me but I love the song)

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